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Sue Henry Photography July 10, 2008

Check out my friend Sue’s brand-spankin-new photography blog!

Check it out! You know you want to! I know you do! Click here–> Sue Henry Photography.  Or add her to your RSS feed!

I know you will love her graceful writing and thought provoking images.  She’s on a journey through photography and constantly amazes and inspires me with her discoveries and captivating images!

If you stop by her blog be sure to leave her a comment or two!

Sue describes herself on her “about me” as:

A retired music educator and professional musician, Sue Henry is currently pursuing photography with renewed zeal and passion. She has received instruction in photography from well known and talented western Kentucky artists  Jennifer Dickson and the late Gene Boaz.  Henry additionally has informally continued her education by constantly surrounding herself with photography books, examples of works of others, and by taking advantage of a multitude of on-line learning opportunities.

Henry’s work is featured at Crooked Creek Gallery located in Carthage, Illinois  and in BeBe’s Artisan Gallery located in Paducah, Kentucky.

Through this blog, Henry shares links to works of other photographers she admires and who provide her inspiration; links to tips and techniques to enhance your own photography; and hopefully, some images made by Henry that YOU will find interesting, appealing, enjoyable, stimulating, or images that in some small way might bring you some pleasure.  You will quickly observe that frequently Henry will pair a thought provoking quote with an image; thus bringing a unique poetic side to a particular image.


3 Responses to “Sue Henry Photography”

  1. suehenryphotography Says:

    Awwwwww…….thanks Jen! You are a very thoughtful friend.

  2. I love Sue’s work and you described her beautifully Jen. Thank you FP for introducing all three of us to each other!

  3. That should have been “PF”…what a dork I am!

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