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Rockin’ Out July 12, 2008

More from 19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 in Neshaminy PA from April of 2008.

I’m trying to edit them in between everything else I’ve got going.

Some favorites from tonight’s edits.  These guys were great to listen to!  They were rockin’ out! LOL

I love the movement in their hands in these photos.

To view the entire gallery that I’ve gotten to edit so far click here: 19th Annual Civil War Reenactment 2008 – Neshaminy PA


6 Responses to “Rockin’ Out”

  1. Mike Palmer Says:

    very cool – I like movement also!

  2. Enigma3 Says:


    These are great. You don’t find characters like these every day. I like the way you captured the performance in such a lively way.

  3. suehenryphotography Says:

    The characters look so “authentic.” Nicely captured. And, yes, the movement in the hands “rocks!”

  4. that looks like it was a GOOD TIME!

  5. leeland Says:

    i love the first shot… the dude looks like he should work at b&h

  6. Oscar Says:

    Looks like my kind of folk! LOL

    Good clean shots!

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