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Boys Will Be Boys! M Family Sneak Peek! July 15, 2008

Sunday morning I had the pleasure of photographing the “M Family.”

The session was set up to for “M’s” portraits but we also were able to include brother “R” and Mom & Dad into the session.  I really enjoyed the session so much.  Mom and Dad were so great to work with and they have a beautiful family and such a lovely home. The kids were full of energy and fun to work with.  Their smiles were genuine and filled with pure joy.

“M” was very shy at first and wanted his buddy Elmo to be included in the session with him.

We asked brother “R” to join in the shoot, in the very beginning, hoping that would make “M” more comfortable.

Look at the eyes on these handsome fellas!

And you can see the genuine love they have…

Slowly…Jo Ann, myself and Mom & Dad convinced “M” to let Elmo hang out on my side of the camera and Elmo became my photo director for the duration of the shoot ( LOL! see his eye balls and his red head? 🙂 )





And will also be perfect little gentlemen as well!

Those eyes are outrageously beautiful!

I can’t stop smiling while I edit this session!

How could you not break into a smile when you see this happy face?

It’s a’s a plane…it’s “M”!!!

That’s all for today!  More to come!


15 Responses to “Boys Will Be Boys! M Family Sneak Peek!”

  1. JulieM Says:

    Jen, these are fantastic! Love, love, love each of them. These boys have eyes to die for! Nice that Elmo could help out on your side of the camera! 😉

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    Awesome series. Each photo is so terrific; made me think of my two little guys. Love how Elmo peeked in to the one shot and love the crawling around on the floor shot. Bravo. Made me smile too!

  3. julielawsonphotography Says:

    All I can say Jen is that you rocked these!!!!!!!!!! These are all great and I’m so glad that you included Elmo eyes in your post. I can’t wait to see the rest. You’re awesome!!!!

  4. Mike Palmer Says:

    So I see the sb800’s and umbrella’s did the trick, great shots, What f-stop were you pulling and did it help to cut post time?

  5. MOM Says:

    Jen: These are fab!!! Love the little guy

    You are a natural at photographing kids………… should specialize !!! 🙂


  6. Diane M Says:

    As the “mom” of these two boys, I am gleaming as I look at these pictures. I know these are only a sample of the wonderful shots Jenn took on Sunday. Jenn was such a natural in getting my little guy to become comfortable with having his picture taken…..As you will all see in some of the later photos, he becomes quite the “model”….Thanks Jenn for the fantastic work and I get wait to see the rest!

  7. Oscar Says:

    Jen – There are awesome – and what blue eyes!

  8. Great fun here Jen! Love the 2nd to last shot of “M”. It’s so adorable! I’m glad your lighting turned out so good with the new set up.

  9. Enigma3 Says:


    Shooting good and interesting kid and family photographs is hard and you do such a great job.

  10. Aw. There is nothing like brotherly love. I cant get over how clear and blue these eyes are. amazing.

    Great Job Jen!

  11. leeland Says:

    bravo! the innocence… the love… the brotherhood! you truly captured all of these feelings and more. Wonderful work as always!

  12. effiemay Says:

    excellent shots…each and everyone. I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite!! they’re all terrific!

  13. JRP Says:

    Oh thank you all so much for the wonderful comments. I’m so pleased how much everyone liked them!!

    I have many more to go through and will be editing away tonight!

  14. Bob Purdon Says:

    Great shots of my nephews…As the brother of Di the Mom of the M and R I saw blue eyes like I never saw blue my kids all have brown eyes..I’m jealous …Great shots…when are you gonna shoot my Family??? Bob

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