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Tilt July 15, 2008

By now you probably noticed that I’m lacking models who feel like coming over after work when I suddenly feel like I’m in a picture-taking mood so I practice on myself. I’m a good model because I’m quiet, patient, and don’t complain to myself. LOL

Yes, it’s was a head tilting day for me!  For most of them I put the camera on the tripod and extended it as tall as it would go and stood almost beneath the camera (pointed down at me).  I guess I wanted a “giant head” effect (just kidding LOL!).

Original color edit:

With Texture:

Original color edit:

With Texture:

A couple other edits that aren’t textures…

Original color edit:

Bronzed Look – conversion:

A whole different look here:


12 Responses to “Tilt”

  1. great set of you…I like the bronzing one, the last one and the 1st textured one the very best. It’s a great way to practice…using yourself as the model. Your eyes stand out in all of them and you make an excellent model.

  2. Nancy Says:

    Those look great. I love trying different edits – in the end I can never decide which I like the best, lol. What camera are you using?

  3. Mike Palmer Says:

    I am going with the smile this time – You look good in bronze – nice edit

  4. Amy Says:

    I love your eyes in this pics….by the 5th and 6th pic my neck would have been killing me tilting it that much!! LOL

  5. suehenryphotography Says:

    second texture and last shot. Those perhaps are my two favs….but, as always, great series!

    And, I just can’t get over the difference adding texture can make with an image. I continue to shake my head in amazement.

  6. Oscar Says:

    Nice shots Jen! The 5th is my favorite.

  7. Enigma3 Says:


    Dito what Mike said. So when you do these self portraits do you say to yourself – Right there, right there that looks good – don’t move – work it baby work it – give me a smile – thats it, thats it…nice … hold it right there.:)

  8. JRP Says:

    Heather – let’s see some self portraits!!

    Nancy – I use a Nikon D80. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Mike – thanks…sometimes I do smile LOL! 🙂

    Amy – lol – you’re lucky I didn’t make you do the head tilt in your session! LOL

    Sue – I got you all texture-lovin’ now! Yay!

    Oscar – thanks bud

    Wolf – now i wouldn’t take it that far LOL! That’s be even stranger than standing in my backyard taking my own photo! LOL

  9. tiffany Says:


  10. effiemay Says:

    You have awesome eyes that really pop in these shots. Lovin’ that texture!!

  11. mom Says:

    Love the “EYES”. Not a big fan of the “head tilt” LOL 😉

  12. JRP Says:

    Thanks Tiff & Cathy!

    Oh Mom – you don’t like the head tilt because I’m always telling YOU to stop tilting your head! LOL!!!

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