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Happy Birthday Darlene! July 16, 2008

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Happy Birthday wishes to my big Sis, Darlene!

This is a little late (her birthday was Monday) but we just celebrated tonight!

We had some delicious shrimp for dinner tonight and then mom and I decided that Darlene should use our gifts to get herself a brand a new iphone!

(That’s my mom on the right.  You’ll recognize her from THIS SHOOT.)


7 Responses to “Happy Birthday Darlene!”

  1. Happy Birthday Darlene! What a sweet gift your mom and you to give her. All the stores here are sold out of them right now! I hope you have better luck than us west coasters looking for them.

    Shrimp always makes a great dinner.


  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    Happy Birthday Darlene! Sounds like a good time, and a great gift! You seem to have a close knit family.

  3. JulieM Says:

    Oh, you are lucky to have family near enough to celebrate birthdays together! Sounds like your sister’s was fun. Love the photos – the family resemblance is strong between the three of you!

  4. Mike Palmer Says:

    Ditto on bday wish–

  5. mom Says:

    The shots are great !!! Love the one of Darlene outside

  6. Darlene Says:

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes, you are too kind.
    As for the gift we are 2-3 months out also. East coast isn’t doing much better.

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