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Girl’s Night Can Be Many Things July 25, 2008

Sometimes girl’s night is something as simple as hanging out in my kitchen with our laptops.

It may seem strange but I think it’s that fact that we each enjoy working on our own things but at the same time we have each other to keep us company so that’s that comforting part.

I'm just lacking the cute light up apple on my "cheap bargain $200.00 laptop" but it works for me! LOL 🙂


3 Responses to “Girl’s Night Can Be Many Things”

  1. Mike Palmer Says:

    And you did not Photoshop an apple on your Ibm…. Good to see people doing things together with out beer’s – beer is always the common denominator when I hang with my buddies – enjoy your day off Jen —2:33am—- Eha you know tonight at midnight they are opening ToysRus for the new Star Wars Toy series – go get a r2d2 and glue it to the top of your laptop = )

  2. Now tha’ts my kind of girls night! But where are the drinks???


  3. Oscar Says:

    Ah, 3 lovely ladies, and yes… no drinks? Its all fun. Instead of dolls, is laptops. Welcome to the 2000’s! Woo hoo!

    Somebody get the door, Its Dominos.

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