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Let Me Count the Ways July 25, 2008

Oh fifty!  How I love thee…Let me Count the Ways!

I’m in love…

With the 50mm 1.4!!

Oh how wonderfully sharp this lens is.

In poor lighting…it’s still great!

It’s small, lightweight & compact (gives my soon-to-have-carpel-tunnel-syndrome-wrist a break)

If you don’t have one and you love shooting people…please do yourself a favor and get one!

If you’re not sick of my mugshot yet…here are some of me a la 50mm!

If you’re doing self portraits try something new.

Put your camera on the tripod on the shortest tripod setting and place your camera facing up into the sky for a nice bright backdrop over head.

Don’t forget to smile for some of the photos!

Thought I composite would be fun here:

And I couldn’t help a do a textured version…this one is a little different!

While i was outside my best friend kept me company…

He’s a short guy with 4 legs, a tail, and a big heart — LUCAS!

He wanted his portraits taken with the 50mm, as well, so I obliged!

He enjoys the side profile rather than straight on…

My little friend is 5 years old…and he this year his beard turned gray.

I treasure all of the time I have with him.

I published a couple other posts today….

…take a look below.


5 Responses to “Let Me Count the Ways”

  1. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Yowwza!!!! You look amazing!! Of course, I told you that last night. LOL That lens is definetly on my list. Lucas looks smashing in his photos. Your dog is so adorable.

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    Good to see Lucas again; he’s looking dapper as usual. Your eyes look exceptionally great in this series. But then, they always do! That new texture is outstanding. Awesome effect.

  3. Mike Palmer Says:

    4:56am?? You gotta love the fifty – thats what Erwan got when we went to the camera shop the other day – great series- I like the triple jen and the second one – intense eyes there

  4. I love my 50 too! Now…I want a wide angle, but have to wait it out some.

    So hey…these are all great! Your eyes pop in all of them. Looks like you were wearing a bit more makeup than usual too, which is different and nice to see on you.

    I am gasping for air over the composite…it’s so rustic looking and beautiful. Your textured shot looks like you are looking out a clouded window. Very neat!

    I can so picture you getting an entire album made one day dedicated to your own self portraits-they are that good!

    Lucas is a doll and perfect gentlemen in all these shots.

    I cannot believe you took these in your own backyard! That’s insane to have such a gorgeous property to enjoy.

  5. Oscar Says:

    Jen, If you keep posting beautiful photos of yourself, you’re going to have quite a large following! Lucas Pukas – Here boy!

    Nice images, great subjects.

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