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MAGICAL July 29, 2008

I decided that it’s going to be really really hard for me to narrow down “favorites” from this session I did at the park this past (burning hot) Friday that I had off from work.

Hats off to those of you that have a knack for showing a few or one favorite from the day.  I just haven’t mastered that yet and I’m not sure I ever will. So, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing MANY (twenty) photos from the day that I looooooooove!

I cannot express in words how much abstract macro photos move me. When I saw these on the computer when I got home I was pretty much breathless as the results the 105mm VR produces.  I love the DOF this lens provides.

The word that kept coming to my mind when I saw some of these was MAGICAL. That’s all I kept saying…and I don’t know why they move me so much but they do! I truly love this particular art form (Abstract).

Maybe it’s because I come from a past of doing a lot of drawing and painting (when I was much younger) that I see the magic they possess.

I will warn you that some are WAY OUT THERE ABSTRACT with only the tiniest little edge in focus! (Just how I like ’em!)


Click the landscape orientation photos to view larger!





















I’ll love you forever if you take a moment to view the entire gallery by clicking HERE.

If you feel inclined to do so…you can leave a comment on any photo that “moves you” right on my website under the photo.

Or if you’d like to view a slide show of my abstract/macro flower gallery click HERE.



10 Responses to “MAGICAL”

  1. suehenryphotography Says:

    Photographing “up close and personal” beautiful flowers such as these always lifts my spirits and revives my soul; hopefully it did the same for you, my friend. 🙂

    Lovely, beautiful images. I left a few notes on your Smugmug site.

  2. JulieM Says:

    Fantastic! You’ve got such a good eye for composing these flower macros. I am amazed at how precisely you captured the detail in the focal points of each. My fav is #11…

  3. Julie Says:

    I will have a macro one day…oh yes I will. Oh! and a nifty fifty! LOL Great set of photographs, jen!

  4. Krysta 11 Says:

    Every image is brilliant!

  5. Mike Palmer Says:

    Hey Jen — AWESOME, magical is right I love #18

  6. as I mentioned the other day to you these are divine. I will be hanging some in my bathroom. They will go perfectly with the other macro flower prints I ordered from you! I just have to narrow down the right ones. I love the prickley one towards the top.

    Magical is the best word.

  7. leeland Says:

    more brilliant, bold, and beautiful work.
    my favorite #17!

  8. wow. these are simply beautiful. What an amazing job you did with these. I cant never quite ‘capture’ the beauty of nature.

  9. effiemay Says:

    wow…I am having a hard time choosing a favorite too!! each one is something pretty special. awesome work as usual Jen.

  10. Oscar Says:

    My Jen is back in the park! I Love it!

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