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Trying New Ways To Process Images July 30, 2008

Do you ever find yourself doing something mundane when all of a sudden a photography technique idea pops into your head?  I love when that happens.  My photographer friend has been talking a lot recently about finding NEW ways to process images that is totally different.  I think he has a unique style all to his own already but sometimes you just want to reinvent yourself, I guess.

I like the idea of finding something NEW or finding YOUR OWN STYLE but that’s a really tough thing to invent something out of the blue.

It seems we end up using techniques that are the latest & greatest or we take ideas from other photographers and see if we are able emulate them and put our own spin on them.  Sometimes it can be a challenge to find your niche…your own perfect style.  With that all being said I find myself trying to think of a new way to process a photo with the available techniques that are out there but change it up a little.

Tonight I used my friend as inspiration.  I wanted a darker “darker” & “grittier” way of processing “just because that’s what I was I was in the mood for.”

I couldn’t tell you if this is how others create a darker/grittier style for their photos but the idea of how I wanted to re-process this came to me so I went with it.  I tried something similar before but never liked the look of it and with tonight’s idea added to the process I was able to come up with something I really do like.

The style may not be for everyone but it was really what I was hoping to achieve today!



(click to view larger)


7 Responses to “Trying New Ways To Process Images”

  1. Oscar Says:

    Cool transitions! Its awesome what you can do with this stuff!

  2. leeland Says:

    amazing… new approach… new tone… new art.
    thanks for using me. love it.

  3. I can imagine some of these becoming part of your regular conversions. You are such a pro at post processing! Way to go. Of yours…I really like the last one best. And Lee’s is neat too…you can really see the color of his eye the way you processed it.

  4. Tiffany Says:

    You & Lee both look hott hott hott

  5. Mike Palmer Says:

    I really like the edits Jen, the layout is great here for effect

  6. these are crazy hot. Lee looks amazing! I havent seen him in ages.

  7. zoka Says:

    verry nice photos.

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