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Vacay! Wooooo Hooooo! August 31, 2008

Well it is certainly time I took a break and headed on a vacation.  I really need a “life nap.”

Super early tomorrow morning I’ll be heading to the Outerbanks in North Carolina with my mom for a “girls week.”

Because I just can’t help myself, I will be blogging during the trip. Hopefully I will be posting some great photos that I take on the trip!

I’m all packed up and ready to go (I have more camera equipment then I have clothes!  Just kidding..that would never happen!).

Looking forward to sharing my trip with you in real time!

If you’d like to see what I’m up all week check out my twitter feed:


Compelling! August 30, 2008

When I saw the edit below that Heather McCullah of One Shot Beyond Photography did below of 2 photos from my “Jo Ann series” (featured in the post below) one of the first words that came to my mind was “compelling.”

Compelling: having a powerful effect; requiring acute admiration, attention, or respect

This edit deserves admiration, attention & respect!  I love it and I know Jo Ann will too!

I was about to go to bed for the night but when I saw this I had to blog it!

Thank you Heather!

*If you haven’t visited Heather’s blog – stop by and leave a comment by clicking HERE!

(click to view larger)


Jo Ann…in a Field…in the Dark August 29, 2008

I couldn’t come up with a catchy name…so the title is just what it was:  “Jo Ann…in a Field…in the Dark.” 🙂

So, strangely I’d been imagining this shoot for a very long time.  I imagined a woman…in a fancy dress…in a setting such as an open field…or a flower patch.  I wanted the evening gown to be a complete contradiction to the field..something that just doesn’t make sense…a beautiful girl all dressed up in the weeds (if that makes any sense to you!)

I told Jo Ann, my good friend and trusty photographer’s assistant (and model many times over), my idea and she was game for the idea and even had a dress that she thought would be perfect – and it was!  I was so thrilled that it was all coming together!  Last Friday I finally had a chance to do the shoot after work once the sun was setting.

I knew of a grassland preserve close to my home that had an open area for waking the trails flanked on each side by waist high natural growth of all different kids of wild flowers and wild “weeds.”  I figured this would be the perfect place to try out my imagined idea.

(Click on the landscape orientated photos to view them larger)

The only thing I didn’t figure on…was the fact that once it got dark I would no longer be able to focus my camera!  I put the camera in manual focus and tried to focus on a street light and then shot like that for a while in the dark!

And then the idea spring up to use the light of the cell phone! LOL.  Yes, we used my cell phone to light Jo Ann’s face!  It cracked me up for some reason.  She held it next to her cheek and I focused on that spot, she shut it and then I snapped.  If only I had a flashlight with me. HA! Next time!

Behind the scenes:

I have a few more to process but there are some of my favorites!  I hope you like them.  It’s so fun to have a vision and try to play it out.  And it helps to have a beautiful willing friend!! 🙂


Susan & Jeff Engagement Session- Spring Lake Beach August 27, 2008

Two weekends ago I met with Susan & Jeff for their Engagement photo session at Spring Lake Beach  here in New Jersey.  I work with Susan’s wonderful mother and I’m so excited that she was intertested in me doing their engagement portraits for them.

It was my first egagement session so I was thrilled at the opportunity – especially on the beach!  What a beautiful beach they chose!  Jo Ann and I went about an hour early and found the perfect spot with a beautiful Jetty.  We decided what photos I would take and we prepared my list of “must have” shots.

We met up with Susan and Jeff and got right into it.

 When we got there I spotted this cute little beach hut where they sell the beach badges and I knew I had to have some shots there.  I love the teal color…

At this point in the day Susan & Jeff had an audience of Susan’s sister and Susan’s brother in law sitting on the bench right across from the hut as well as every single passer-by being super curious about what we were doing.  

We heard lots of funny jokes and congratulations for the couple from those that made their way through our photoshoot.

If can imagine the little gal with the big camera either laying on the board walk in a contored pose, laying in the sand or standing up on a railing or a bench… and then you had Jo Ann holding a huge silver reflector… we’re quite the duo!


Susan’s ring was gorgeous. Little pink diamonds surrounding the large diamond.  Nice job Jeff!! 


I love moments like this…. Big Sigh

We decided to live dangerously!  There’s a big fat fine if you go on the dunes… so run, pose, snap, get off!

Yes, I certainly did lay down on the boardwalk to take this.  I’ll do almost anything to get a cool shot.

It took a little convicing to get Susan to do this shot.  Her brother in law did the jump shot with Jeff first and then Susan agreed to do it.  I think it’s so cute!


Another big sigh moment:


I stood up on the bench and loomed over them for this moment… 

 We were all packed up and ready to go when Susan’s brother in law pointed out the full moon over the ocean.  Of course I had to take the camera out and make them take one more shot with the moon in the distance.

I had a good time getting a workout running around in the sand with Susan & Jeff and Susan’s sister Heidi and brother in law Jim. 

Susan & Jeff were great to work with and patient with me and all of my poses and ideas.  Thanks to Jo Ann for being a great assistant…your arms get really tired when you have to hold that reflector up forever as I snap, snap, snap!  And thanks to Beth for asking me to do this session for your lovely daughter and future son in law!! 

Best Wishes Susan & Jeff! 


My Weekend “Tryin” To Relax August 24, 2008

I’ve been so busy lately that I really needed a leisure-filled weekend more than you could imagine!  My friend Jo Ann and I decided to have a “Jen & Jo Fun Filled Weekend.”

Friday we did a photo shoot of Jo Ann that I have been dying to do (more to come on that soon!!!) and then Saturday was the Beach….

Below is my lovely view of the Ocean at Spring Lake Beach in NJ.  We had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL beach day ever.  We had great spot on the beach with a gorgeous view, perfect temperature, a wonderful breeze, and good company!

I even made a friend on the beach:

Today we just hung out, had a delicious lunch, and Jo Ann came food shopping with me – WOO HOO FUN!  (Yes, I forgot to put sunscreen on my face until it was too late and my face is red like a lobster.)


More Drive By’s!

Yesterday mom and I went to lunch again on our day’s off so I took my camera along (of course) in case there were any interesting sights along the way.

Throughout this burning hot day I took some fun, silly shots of my mom and I (and she took some of me while I was “in action” using my point and shoot camera) during our visit to New Hope and Peddler’s Village in Pennsylvania.  We also took some on the camera phone which takes a decent 2megapixel photo believe it or now!  Rather than bore you with them in a long string of photos I put them into a slideshow.

You watch them scroll below or click “view all images” to page through them yourself:

Besides the silly photos from the day I found myself in hysterics over the fact that my mom and I were dancing to my music in the car so I turned on the video on my cell phone to capture us in action (well more of mom in action then me…I was too busy laughing louder and more hysterical than I have in a long time! Thanks Mom! LOL!) 😀 Normally I would post this but I just had to because it makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

You Tube doesn’t show it at the best quality since the resolution is a lot smaller then the way they stretch it but you get the idea!

New Hope’s primary industry is tourism. On weekends the streets are crowded with tourists visiting the many restaurants, antique shops and art galleries, or taking the popular walk along the river and the Delaware Division of the Pennsylvania Canal. Compared to surrounding communities, New Hope has a vibrant night life, although most businesses are required to close for the night by 2:00 AM.

We passed the famous thrift store and looked at the window displays…

…and this made me laugh…no photos in the store or they charge you $4.50 LOL

This one cracked me up…

Don’t ask…I have no idea why these are in the alley way next to the thrift store:

I loved the look of this open air restaurant.  If it wasn’t so hot we would have eaten there.  I took this picture looking through the window because I just loved that you could see the details of the bar.

Located in an attractive historic mill, The Bucks County Playhouse features a constant stream of plays and musical productions. New Hope was once a popular spot for Broadway shows to be tested and fine tuned, and many notable stage actors bought weekend homes in the area. It was also home to an art colony, founded by Edward Redfield and William L. Lathrop, that produced important regional work.

(Click to view larger)

This is the bridge that connects New Hope, PA and Lambertville, NJ.

(Click to view larger)

New Hope is also a terminal point on the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad. On weekends, tourists can ride the historic and scenic line through Bucks County.  Their website says:

Climb aboard the New Hope & Ivyland passenger train and travel into a scene from the past. Relax and leave your cares behind as you journey into history, learning what rail travel was like for your parents, grand parents and great-grand parents. Behold the continuously changing view as the train traverses through the rolling hills and valleys of historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Enjoy our restored 1920s vintage passenger coaches, antique bar car, the authentic steam locomotive or one of our historic diesel locomotives. The train will take you along the same historic route that was filmed in the 1914 movie series Perils of Pauline. You can purchase your tickets in the original witch’s hat New Hope train station, which was once the location of the railroad telegraph operator who sent and received all messages for the town of New Hope, PA. This building has been in operation since 1891.

After New Hope we went over to Peddler’s Village and had a great crab cake sandwich lunch and then walked around for a few minutes and visited a couple shops.

Peddler’s Village is in the heart of beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Since Earl Jamison founded Peddler’s Village 46 years ago in the Lahaska countryside, visitors have followed the winding brick pathways to a unique shopping and dining experience.

Peddler’s Village has something for everyone from 70 specialty shops and six restaurants to the luxurious 70-room Golden Plough Inn and the Giggleberry Fair family entertainment center.

On the way home we stopped along the side of the road a few times so I could take the next few shots:

I loved this little farm stand named the “The Country Gentleman”

(Click to view larger)

Another fun day on the road with Mom!



Princeton University in HDR August 22, 2008

I never finished working with the photos from my Princeton University visit so I completed a couple more HDR shots from that day last week.  I thought I’d share them even though they were from December 28th.

This day provided me some of my best architectural HDR shots to date!  It’s one of the best places locally to get some amazing photos!

You’ve seen these statues in a previous post but here is another version that I just processed:

The rest of the photos below were processed right after the the initial shoot but I don’t think these particular photos were shared on the blog back then.  Enjoy!