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The Teddy Bear Tree August 1, 2008

Wasn’t sure what I wanted to post tonight and I had been saving this photo for a while so here it is.  Nothing special photography-wise but the book itself was a fun thing to see.

When I went to visit my friend Nicole to take her son’s 8 month portraits she said she had something she wanted to show me and handed me this book titled The Teddy Bear Tree by Barbara Dillon.

From the buried glass eye of an ancient teddy bought at a rummage sale grows a strange tree that bears surprising fruit.

I opened it to find a library card inside from our grammar school.  I scanned down 3 lines to see my own name (having checked out the book on 2/20/86).

Above my name was Jo Ann’s (which you all know by now from the Columns series and other shoots (as well as being my lovely photo assistant on jobs) and below mine was Nicole’s (and she was quite the repeat customer on this book! LOL!)

It was neat to see my little handwriting there and very nostalgic.  It brought back memories for me of our little library and made me smile.  Being a photographer I pulled out the point & shoot I always carry in my bag and snapped a few photos.

Just thought I’d share. 🙂


6 Responses to “The Teddy Bear Tree”

  1. Mike Palmer Says:

    That is a cool story Jen..

  2. Carleton Place Public Library Says:

    How fun! We stopped using cards to sign out books years ago, but occasionally an older book which has not been checked out in a while will come to the desk with a card still in the back. We always get a little nostalgic seeing the names.

    Funny that now everything has to be so anonymous. In years to come, I’d still think people would get a kick out of seeing a name in a book that they loved.

    Oh well. Great story though!

  3. Oscar Says:

    So you stole the book huh? Must have been good! I stumble on old stuff once in a while. You remember my pic with long hair? LOL

  4. Very cool…school libraries always hold happy memories for me too.

  5. JRP Says:

    Thanks Mike 🙂

    Carleton Place Public Library – thanks for visiting and commenting. I love when new visitors stop by & comment.

    “So you stole the book huh?” No Oscar…I didn’t steal the book, silly!

    My friend’s mom works at the school (since I was in 2nd grade…) and the school librarian was cleaning out old books, saw Nicole’s name in it, thought that Nicole would like to have a book with her name in it for her new baby. So her mom brought it to her the same day I was visting. 🙂

    Heather – I went to a reunion at my grammar school not too long ago. Brought back some great memories…loved walking the halls!

  6. julielawsonphotography Says:

    I love this post. I always love looking at old school books to see whose name is in it. B will occasionally bring some home from my day and I’ll see people’s names who I graduated with.

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