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Workin the EYES August 2, 2008

Soon I hope to have more models.  I have a couple people who “said” the would be willing to model for me soon but until then I will continue to practice on myself.

Any day now there will be so many photos of me on my blog that I will have to change the name of the blog to Jen Rinaldi’s Photos versus Jen Rinaldi Photography.

With that being said…the reason I post myself again blow is because I’ve been working hard practicing my “eye magic” techniques and I’m very pleased with the progress I’ve been making.  I don’t think I’ve been as happy with my eye processing for the past year until just recently.

EYES are the most important part of a portrait to me.  They should be SHARP as knife, slightly glassy, and I like them to look as if they are piercing right through the viewers own eyes if I can manage that!

This was taken with my beloved 50mm 1.4 in my family room with natural light shining through a gauzy curtain facing me (no flash) @ ISO 100.

Even with this bronzed conversion the eyes still achieve the same brightness and intensity I was going for with the processing.


5 Responses to “Workin the EYES”

  1. juliemcleod Says:

    Tremendous job! Your edit keeps the natural look of the eyes but adds the perfect intensity.

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    I certainly agree with Julie. (And really like the bronze conversion.)

  3. Amy Says:

    Who may that couple be??? LOL. Blame it on Ed I’m willing to do it anyday… make me laugh!! Unless I just have a guilty consciousness.LOL

  4. Mike Palmer Says:

    Ditto on Sue and Julie!! The bronze effect was the choice!

  5. shank Says:

    the eyes ex persons say some thinking.
    it’s depend upon the our looking

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