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D&R Canal – Millstone Aqueduct August 6, 2008

Sunday morning I woke up and saw what I call a “awesome cloud day.”  The weather was so beautiful so I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera bag and tripod and driving to my favorite part of the Delaware canal in the Princeton, NJ area.  A lot of my waterscape work is taken along this canal.  I live so close to so many sections of it that make for beautiful photos so I visit often trying to get different angles, etc.

The 1st three photos below are all people I saw during my day.

My favorite is the first one of the little boy fishing.  He was so cute and was talking to me about fishing the whole time I was taking pictures next to him.  Sweet kid!

On this day I decided I would do all wide angle shots so I only used the Tokina 12-24.  The shots below are all one RAW file tonemapped in Photomatrix.  I was working on these all night but didn’t get very far.  I have lots of others to share.

I love the railing in the shot and the clouds in the distance (I’m a cloud nut!)

You all may remember this bridge.  It was my first HDR shot EVER and was taken first on the day that I took my favorite fall tree that I just blew up onto canvas.

Click to view larger

The two people below slowed down to ask me if I had seen the turtles.  I was like turtles?  what turtles?  and I just laughed to myself.

I’ve noticed over and over that everyone wants to talk to me when I’m out with my camera and tripod.  I guess it’s like I’m famous for a second.  LOL!  I think 25 different people talked to me that day…asking me am I a professional photographer…is this getting published somewhere?  what am I taking (which made me laugh when I was pointing my camera at the water)…do I shoot bird photos?…Do I do this for a living?… What kind of camera is that?…nice weather we’re having…. Shall I go on? 🙂

I’m happy I’m approachable but at the same time I went here to be alone with myself and my camera and be in my own little photography oblivion…  Did you ever feel like that?  You just wanted time to yourself?  This day I did…  I went there for a little peace and ended up making small talk with every passer by because I just couldn’t be mean and ignore them.  Maybe they’d want portraits done and I’d give them a business card…you never know!! Hahaha!

After this I said I’m going to make a shirt to wear that answers all of their repetitive questions and when I go out alone they can just read my back…or how about a hat?  LOL!

Click to view larger

On the way home I looked over and saw this farm.  My camera was all packed up but I still couldn’t resist reversing, pulling the camera back out, and running across the street and taking some photos of the scene.  The hedges were tooooooo perfect and it made for great symmetry.  And what a SKY!!!!!!!  I was in LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Click to view larger

At one point I looked back at my car with the hazard lights blinking and realized I left my drivers door hanging wide open. I just laughed because that’s so me.  Cars drove by looking at my car and then at me with puzzled looks (probably wondering what the heck I was doing) but I don’t care!  I just laugh when they look at me strange.  They don’t get it!

I’m going to make a bumper sticker that says “Drive by shooter” with a picture of a camera. If I make that would you buy one? I just may do it, so look out!!  The other one specifically for me is “I brake for good clouds.”

Me and my “gun” are definitely “drive by shooters!”  I stop and shoot when the moment is there! You can’t let it pass you by!  You may never see it again!

Click to view larger


6 Responses to “D&R Canal – Millstone Aqueduct”

  1. incredible HDR’s. The first & third ones are my favorite here, but Jen…they are all out of this world.

    If I wasn’t so stinking tired…I’d say more.


  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    We must so much alike. I hope we get to meet someday. My kind of day; my kind of photos. Sigh.

  3. Mike Palmer Says:

    That kid fishing shot is on on point – great composition!!

  4. Oscar Says:

    I love it when you play outside.

  5. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Yeah Jen!!!!!!! These are great, as usual. Fantastic images and I love the “drive by shooter”. Two peas from the same pod. lol

  6. Jason Says:

    I brake for good clouds too! If only I took the time to post process and publish on the blog! You’ve got some great work here Jen! Very motivational!

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