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Wish You Were Here? August 8, 2008

Sometimes…when I’m processing images…songs I love pop into my head based on the images.

Tonight as I was processing the photos below I was wishing that I was back at the canal…sitting in the sun…enjoying the breeze off the water…watching people go by in their canoes.

The song I Wish You Were Here by Incubus popped into my head.

Have a listen HERE…if you’re interested.

I dig my toes into the sand
The ocean looks like a thousand diamonds
Strewn across a blue blanket
I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment I am happy…happy

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here

(click to view larger)

I lay my head onto the sand
The sky resembles a backlit canopy
With holes punched in it
I’m counting UFOs
I signal them with my lighter
And in this moment I am happy…happy

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
Wish you were here

The world’s a roller coaster
And I am not strapped in
Maybe I should hold with care
But my hands are busy in the air saying:

I wish you were here
I wish you were

(click to view larger)

I wish you were here
I wish you were here
I wish you were here
Wish you were here


11 Responses to “Wish You Were Here?”

  1. suehenryphotography Says:

    To borrow a saying from a famous New Jersey photographer — That first image really “knock my socks off!”

    But then, so does the third one, and the clouds in the second one, and the reflection in the last one………..

  2. Mike Palmer Says:

    Goooooodbye, Nice to know Ya!!! Great pics, Awesome choice of song. I just bought and watched the Blu-ray of Incubus live at redrocks. Pardon me while I burst —-

  3. wow. These are stunning. I wish I was there!

  4. gosh Jen…you’re great at nature shots, HDR and making us feel like we’re right there with ya. 1 & 2 are just plain perfect. And…the last shot is lovely. I love how the water looks at the bottom of the photo…different colors merging and the soft touch of motion captures by you.

    What a peaceful looking place. You’d never know there were tons of people chatting it up with you!


  5. Oscar Says:

    One of my favorite places too Jen. Especially seen through your eyes. I dreampt of bridges last night. The words fit nice. Enjoy the day…

  6. Enigma3 Says:


    Is’nt that the place where you shot the fall photo that you had put on canvas? Looks like the perfect spot for a romantic picknik. The sky in all those shots is awsome.

  7. JRP Says:

    Aww Sue, you’re so sweet. You made me laugh with the quote. He he.

    Mike – you got good taste in music! 🙂

    Meleah – me too! At least it’s right down the road…

    Heather – thanks so much. I’m glad you like that last one. It’s the one that gave me most trouble bit the one I wanted to work because I loved the look of the water!!

    Oscar – so funny that you dreamed of bridges last night, came here, and there was one. 🙂

    Wolf – Yes, you’re right. That is the exact spot I shot the fall scene I got on canvas. I love this place!

  8. leeland Says:

    beautiful and serene… more brilliance from jen rinaldi photography!

  9. tiffany Says:

    aww….thats sweet ….like a hallmark card

  10. juliemcleod Says:

    Fabulous captures and the processing is brilliant! I’m in awe….

  11. Jen Says:

    Thanks everyone – so pleased that you like them!! 🙂

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