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Friday Afternoon With Mom August 9, 2008

My mom and I had off from work yesterday so we decided to spend a couple hours in the afternoon in Princeton, NJ.  Princeton is such a great college town with so many restaurants, stores, places to sit and relax, statues & monuments, and if you have a few hours to kill you can walk around the historic campus of Princeton University.  I spend a lot of time photographing the architecture at Princeton (some photos can be seen HERE)…so many great subjects for HDRs!!

Mom and I decided to have lunch at Theresa’s Cafe Italiano.  We got a window seat and shared Margherita Pizza and mixed green salads.  YUM!

After lunch we decided to take a walk around town until our meter money ran out. 🙂

Mom posed for this photo…

…and then she took my photo.  Good job mom!!

Then we walked around Palmer Square which is a stylish collection of shops, restaurants, offices, and residences surrounding the Town Green and the historic Nassau Inn.

“Rest Traveller, Rest, and Banish Thoughts of Care; Drink to Thy Friends and Recommend Them Here.”- This quote was drawn from an old English inn near Oxford, and dates back to 1937, when Nassau Inn was rebuilt on Palmer Square.

The Yankee Doodle Tap Room is a historic NJ restaurant connected to the Nassau Inn and has a unique pub atmosphere.  The restaurant was named for Yankee Doodle after Norman Rockwell painted a thirteen-foot mural about the historic figure for Nassau Inn in 1937. Today, this piece of American art history continues to hang behind the bar in the Tap Room.  To view the painting click HERE.

Nassau Square which was bustling with people for a Friday afternoon.  I got a kick out of this woman trying to manage 4 dogs.

It looks like this girl needed a break from her high heels for a few minutes! 🙂  Her chocolate lab was so well behaved!  I wish my lab would be so calm out in a public place with so many people around!

I was surprised to see how many flowers there were in the town square.  I snapped a few here and there as we walked around.

Sometimes I think flower photos can lack pizazz (ha! did I really say “pizazz?” where do I get these words?!?!)  so I decided to add my own bit of magic to these hydrangeas.  I added a texture just to give it a different feel and I’m enjoying the final result.

Window shopping at all of the stores is fun.  They all have such nice displays.

I love all of the store fronts around Princeton and the architecture in the town is great too!

This might be a new favorite textured flower photo!  Oooooooh!  I love the antique look the texture gave it.

This was my favorite restaurant back in college – Winberie’s.  Our school was so close to Princeton that we spent a lot of time there.

If you look really close (bottom left of the window) you’ll see that Albert Einstein was dining there yesterday.

‘Al’‘ (we’re old pals so I an call him that) held his drink up when I waved to him. LOL 😀

Part II of our adventure (where I dragged mom along with my on a “drive by shooting”) can be seen on Monday night/Tues morning.  I’ll know you’re all be waiting with anticipation!

Have a great weekend!


8 Responses to “Friday Afternoon With Mom”

  1. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Great series my friend. I love the one of your mom and the one of you. She did very well. :o)

  2. MOM Says:

    Hey Jen:
    I made my photo debut here on your blog.
    This was blogtasic!!!
    Can’t wait to do it again.

  3. Im so happy to hear you had such a lovely day with your mother. Princeton is such a great little town.

  4. oscar Says:

    Two pretty ladies having a day in town. Nice you do that. Where’s the “shadow shot”! LOL I like your outdoor photography!

  5. Sounds like a relaxing and beautiful day. I love the photo of the girl resting her feet with her lab beside her. What an eye you have Jen! That was me about 11pm last night! HA…but I didn’t dare remove them b/c I knew they’d never fit my swollen feet again if I did.

    The textured flower shots are yet another hit!


  6. Mike Palmer Says:

    Nice shots all around Jen – but I am drawn to the textured flowers as my favorites.

  7. tiffany Says:

    A nice day with momma! Very cool. Buy anything neato?

  8. JRP Says:

    Thanks for all of your replies. We had a very good time. Take a look at Part II just posted!! Some of my favorite shots of the day are there.

    Mom-you debuted ages ago when I did your portraits. You’re a seasoned blog featured model!! 🙂

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