It’s Finally Here: An Unhealthy Obsession With My Apple Computer. The Movie.

Well, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.  I’ve teased you enough…

Meleah’s video is now completed which means that I can share the photos that we took for portions of the video here with you here on my photography blog!! YAY!

FIRST – If you need a refresher on my teaser blog post for the video post click HERE.

SECOND – Click here: TO WATCH MEALEAH’S VIDEO ON U TUBE* (make sure you come back to view the photos from the shoot below!)

*Not all photos in the video were taken by me.
*Not all photos below were featured in the movie.

THIRD – Take a look at the photos below from the shoot we did at my house for the video and enjoy! (I know we certainly enjoyed creating the photos!  I was laughing the entire night)

(click to view larger)

The following were taken at Tiffany’s parents house in their pool…

And in their foyer…


Count em!  13 Meleahs!

And a fun comic version!

So now that you’ve seen the video, viewed the photos and basically took a tour of my house and Tiffany’s parent’s foyer & pool…let us me know what you think of the photos and feel free to let Meleah know what you think of the video!

There will be a part II and a part III which I will certainly be sharing with you all when the time comes!

I hope you got a smile from all of this!



14 thoughts on “It’s Finally Here: An Unhealthy Obsession With My Apple Computer. The Movie.

  1. WOMAN! I love you!

    I love all these photos, we had so much fun together. I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work.

    You are brilliant, amazing, and quite talented. I am SO lucky to have your contributions to my movie / video project.

    The Million Meleah’s is my FAVORITE.

    And the work-out 1980’s ones crack me up! As does the shower cap!

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    PS: good Job on all of the “scalps”. I’ll never get over that word as a plural, or how hard we laughed at 2am.

  2. Jen,

    That was pretty cool. Your house made a great backdrop for this shoot. I like the pool shot and the yellow gloves in the kitchen the best.

  3. I love the comic version too….but I love all the photos and the video is out of this world. Great job, girl

  4. The comic version is my favorite too, but I already told you that last week! I also love the laundry room one, the one by the pool, working out and the date one is FANTASTIC. You two make an amazing team.

    Meleah…your video ROCKS!

  5. I’m so happy you’re loving Meleah’s video and the photos. We had a great time doing the pics and I’m happy to have been involved!

  6. LoL. Loved her in the bed, the first one of three. The second one of the three bed photos was killer too but one eye looks more opened and it was driving me nuts so I changed my favorite one to the first one. I like all the pictures though from the whole set..ha, crazy Meleah.

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