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Lil Miss Blue Eyes is Back! August 15, 2008

On April 4th I did a Communion Shoot for my co-worker and the first thing I did was edit everything Communion related.  After I finished the Communion photos I never had a chance to edit the extra photos I took of her younger daughter (who I dubbed “Little Miss Blue Eyes”).

Tonight, I finally had a chance to edit some of them and wow they are adorable!

She is just tooooo cute for words!


8 Responses to “Lil Miss Blue Eyes is Back!”

  1. JulieM Says:

    What a little princess! My fav is the last shot…

  2. Mike Palmer Says:

    Ditto that last shot…Have a good weekend

  3. The last one melts my heart.

  4. Oscar Says:

    Great work jen – she’s adorable!

  5. Enigma3 Says:


    You did a great job with her. She’s adorable. I like the mix of blond and red hair graduations. That’s not easy to get just right but you did.

  6. Jason Says:

    I know I talked about this on Jason’s P&P Weekly, but she really does have some amazing blue eyes, and you captured the “awww” factor so well I felt I had to stop in and give a personal pat on the back for a job well done. Very nice shots here Jen! Thanks for sharing these!

  7. Jen Says:

    All – thank you so much for your comments. She is a little sweetie. I always look forward to photographing her when I get the chance.

    Jason – thanks for featuring the post!

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