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Blog Award :) September 30, 2008

I received a wonderful little surprise in one of my blog comments today from a fairly new reader of my blog, Heather of Heather Lynn’s Photography. If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, please do by clicking on the name of her blog above.  Heather has some really great portraits of her beautiful daughter on her blog so stop by and visit and leave her a comment or two!

Today was a rough Monday at work so it was really nice to come home and read that Heather presented me with a very thoughtful blogger award.  To learn more about the award I made my way over to her personal blog to read what she wrote.

Thank you Heather for finding inspiration in my work!  That was very kind of you.  I’ll be sure to continue to stop by your photography blog to see your latest work.

I made a screen capture of her blog to show you the kind words she wrote about her 5 blog nominations.

(click to view larger)


The Truest Friend We Have September 29, 2008

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts. ~Washington


Sweet Soul Shining Through September 28, 2008

Those true eyes… Too pure and too honest in aught to disguise the sweet soul shining through them

Edward Robert Bulwer-Lytton. British diplomat, viceroy of India and poet, 1831-1891


Happy 12th Birthday Dominick September 27, 2008

Tonight was my friend Tiffany’s son, Dominick’s, 12th birthday party.

I honestly can’t believe he is 12 years old.  I remember when he was born and it feels like yesterday.  I guess that happens the older I get…sometimes I just can’t believe how much time has passed.

It’s hard to comprehend the fact that one of my friends has a 12 year old son that I held in my arms as a baby!

I think I’ve been to all of his birthday parties throughout his life…

Dominick stealing a taste of the icing on the cake on (approx) his 4th birthday

Ready to blow out the candles with Mom

His Pirate Treasure Hunt Party on his (approx) 5th birthday

(that’s me in the orange sweater in the back and Dominick with the sword and eye patch on the left)

And tonight’s 12th birthday celebration

(Angel Food Cake with strawberries and homemade icing)

You know I made him do this…haha!

I have a hard time believing he was ever this little (Dominick and I back in 2000)…

…and is now 12 years old (he and I today!)

I made a quick collage to highlight everyone who celebrated Dominick’s birthday with us tonight.

I’ve know Tiffany’s family so long – they’re like a 2nd family to me. 🙂

Click on the collage below to view larger:

Here’s to another great year Dominick!

You’re the best kid around!


Christa + Mark = Engaged! September 26, 2008

Last Sunday I met with Christa & Mark for their engagement session on Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) campus. We spent the entire afternoon taking photos all around Hennessey Hall (The Mansion) on campus.  What an absolutely perfect location they found!

Christa & Mark met through a running club so periodically you’ll see a pair of running sneakers that “sneak” 😀 their way into some of the photos.

It was such a beautiful day with a beautiful couple!

I am really pleased with the results of the shoot and I cannot narrow down my top favorites…because of that…you’ll be seeing quite a few below so buckle up!

I’d love to hear your feedback on your favorite images as well as what REALLY struck you when you saw it and why.  Your feedback helps me to know what kind of post processing really works and what doesn’t. Thanks!!!


Ahhhh Silhouette!


That fountain was gorgeous!


Love the way Mark looks at Christa… *sigh*




The arches were fan-tas-ti-cal!


I always wanted to take a diagonal up the stairs shot!



I told Mark this was his “GQ Pose”


I love “stealing” moments like this one…


…and like this one!


Look at the sparkle in their eyes!


Could they be any cuter???  I think NOT!


I had a “thing” for these lanterns!

I switched to the wide angle lens just so I could get them in!


Love those across the wall shots.





I love the B&W “newspaper-y” look of this one



These columns ROCKED!


The Bling-Bling!


I just love this….


…and this


Yes, I laid in the grass and asked them to walk over me slowly for this and a few other shots…

What am I not willing to do? So, far I haven’t figured that out yet.


I called this my “paparazzi” moment

I wanted it to feel as if I took it hiding behind the pillar without them knowing


Ahhhhhh Texture…. love this


You couldn’t stage a moment like this…


Always bring a step stool (especially if your short! 😀 ) !


It’s raining love (corny…I know!  LOL)


I loved their expressions when I told them to kick like crazy


Sun Flare…mmmmmmm delicious!


I know you’ve seen this one but I couldn’t think of ending this post any other way

but with this… *long sigh*

If you have some extra time on your hands and you’d like to see the entire gallery from this session in a slide show click HERE.


4 Snaps in a Z Formation and 2 Thumbs Up in a Circle September 25, 2008

Thanks to Bri (Julie Lawson’s daughter) for making me laugh so hard that I had tears coming out of my eyes for 10 minutes.

I sent Julie & Bri the gallery from Sunday’s Engagement Session and as they were reviewing them I kept getting snaps and 2 thumbs up on specific photos from them.  Then Bri said “four snaps in a z formation” and I replied “two thumbs up in a circle.”

Next thing you know I was getting a video of the Bri’s interpretation of “four snaps in a z formation with the addition of two thumbs up in a circle.”

Have a giggle for yourself:


The Golden Hour September 24, 2008

The golden hour

The pink hue warms the sky

The golden sun slowly makes it’s way to the horizon

It falls so quickly

I’m left saddened about it’s disappearance before my eyes…leaving me in darkness

But I smile…reminding myself that this is not the end of the light

Tomorrow brings a new day and another sunrise