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Tavelogue Day 1 – On Our Way to the Outerbanks NC September 1, 2008

Day 1 of our trip was a mini adventure…

(I’m adding all of the photos in a small version but you can click on each of them to view larger)

Loading the car full to the roof in the backseat and fitting 2 dogs in the hatch area of the SUV was an interesting challenge.

This was my view in the rear view mirror.  I had to make the side mirrors my good friends:

See how packed it was in the backseat?  That’s what happens when you rent a house and you need to bring extra things…oh well!  I’m an expert packer and I made it all fit! 🙂

Once we packed up the car we were ready to go…

Got the shades on and we were ready to roll:

Lucas made some friends along the way…

We were getting closer…

We saw the Statue of Liberty on our way down…hmmmm…she looks a lot smaller in person than I remember.

We danced to “JT” for a little entertainment:

We found a rest stop and let the pups out for a little break.

And then we made to Virginia and we were doing “okay fine.”

Right before we got on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge we stopped at the scenic overlook and took a few photos… (my mom hates her hair here…but HEY it was WINDY!)

It was soooo hazy out.

And then we were off again to cross the longest bridge I’ve ever been on.

While we were on the bridge I felt like I was being watched from behind.  I looked in my rear view mirror to find that we had a visitor who had found a way to climb out of the hatch, over the back seat, and tunneled her way through our luggage to make her way to the front seat!

I guess she missed her momma:

Eventually we stopped and put her in the back again and we thought we made a blockade but she found her way to the front again and appear in a different spot.  Can you spot her?

We were finally in North Carolina!  YAY!

You can tell I was psyched after over 8 hours in the car.

We were hungry and I figured a Wendy’s cheeseburger was always a yummy choice…until I had the worst Wendy’s burger I had ever experienced.  I’m not a fan of mustard but a little bit is never bad.  Well, this burger didn’t have a little bit…someone went crazy with the mustard and I was starving so I ate it…

…but I didn’t eat it happily…

And before we got to our destination we spotted Mels’s Diner so you know I had to stop and take a photo:

And then we made it to our house!  YAY!  Our rental is on a little culdisac:

And we threw all of our luggage inside…

…and ran to the beach to sit and relax on the beach before dinner…

…and I was a very HAPPY girl. 🙂

After relaxing on the beach we headed to dinner but made a quick stop at the Currituck Lighthouse a minute from our place to check it out.  It was closed but we will go back another day.

It was an eventful day.  I tried to get this blog post done last night but I was so tired that I fell asleep at the kitchen table while I was waiting for the photos to load.  LOL! 🙂

I’m off to the beach!!

Enjoy your labor day!!


11 Responses to “Tavelogue Day 1 – On Our Way to the Outerbanks NC”

  1. tiffany Says:

    I am FREAKING out! these pictures that you took are exactly the same things i took on my way to Virginia!! I was just there Rt. 13!!! omg! i had no idea we were on the same road trip! crazyyyyy…..

  2. tiffany Says:

    the mustard burger is cracking me up

  3. suehenryphotography Says:

    Looks like you are turning your Mom into a pretty good photographer!

    Glad you made the trip safely. Have fun!

  4. LeeGro Says:

    cracking up about wendy’s and your mom’s sneaky dog… oh and that you fell asleep yet again at the computer!!!!

  5. Jason Says:

    Great shots and storyline – sounds like you had a fun trip down. Enjoy the Carolinas and safe travels on your return! Next time, skip Wendy’s and go to Chick Fil Et – eet more chikun! 🙂

  6. Looks Like you are having a GREAT time on your vacation already. the dog tunneling to the front of the car is killing me! hahahahaha

  7. julielawsonphotography Says:

    I’m so glad you and your mom are taking a vacation. I love the one with her dog sneaking and I find out more about you everyday. You don’t like mustard?!? LOL Looks like you are having a wonderful time and I am so jealous about the lighthouses. lol


  8. okay that house looks way nice for a vacation house! You look so happy on the beach…it’s a great photo of you! Looking forward to more of the week to come. 🙂

  9. Mike Palmer Says:

    Good to see you on vacation Jen!! Have fun!! Are you near Kitty Hawk? I use to shoot down there on the dunes across form the big kite shop. Have a great week.

  10. oscarstavern Says:

    Tips = Mels doesnt take credit cards, Its windy at the top of the lighthouse, Rt 12 (resturant) is also good. You aren’t an OBX’er if you don’t own a Brew Thru T shirt. Enjoy the good weather. Goto Timbuktoo the shopping mall accross from Food Lion – Lots of things to see there and places that highlight things to do. More later! I am still jealous. I’ll take the room downstairs to the right. You pictures are better than mine! 😦 🙂

  11. juliemcleod Says:

    Oh, it looks like such fun! I hope you and your mom have a fantastically relaxing time….

    Love the little white escape artist…. 😉

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