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Day 4 Travelouge – Sunset September 4, 2008

oday was all about relaxing after our crazy trip yesterday.  It was a lazy morning and a hot day at the beach.  We only lasted so long without a good breeze on the beach in this heat.  I must have made 15 trips to go stand in the water to try to cool off.  Eventually we headed back to the house and went in the pool.

After the mishap with the sunset photos from the other day (with the ISO 1600 debacle) I set out to retake the sunset this evening.

We actually headed back to the same place where I screwed up the last time and I found another place to stop that hopefully yielded so other good photos.

I’ll be sure to share some on my blog when I get home and actually get time to process them all between a bunch of jobs I have coming up.

In the mean time I saw the best ice cream truck ever today on our way out to dinner.  It was a white truck with cow spots painted on it which I thought was cute.  Then as I stared at it longer and longer I noticed this long rope hanging down the back.  It took me a second until I realized it was supposed to be the cow’s tail!!

I loved it so I had to take a photo!

Tomorrow I want to try to go to the top of the Currituk Light House.  We’ll see what the weather is like!

Have a good day!


2 Responses to “Day 4 Travelouge – Sunset”

  1. Oscar Says:

    Gotta love the cow. Its been there for years. This is the 3rd model. I’ve spent a lot of cash with it. LOL ENJOY

  2. Jason Says:

    Neat shot with the cow tail – the Cape Hatteras shots from the other day were very cool too. As always, an excellent eye for detail. Looking forward to the sunset shots too. Rest assured Jen, we’ve all had the ISO 1600 debacle at some point. (Some of us more than once *cough cough*)

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