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Yuku’s Drawing September 8, 2008

“I’m on my own for way too long
There’s no time left for confusion
My heart is broken and love is bent
I’ve reached the end, everything’s gone
There’s no time left for confusion
My heart is broken and love is bent”

–Your Favorite Enemies

I thought this was very sweet and I wanted to share it here.

My friend Jo Ann’s sister Jess works with the band Your Favorite Enemies out of Canada (who rock by the way…check them out HERE and get their free download of “Open Your Eyes” from the music player on the page).  YFE has a following in Japan (amongst other countries) and they recently toured in Japan and Jess went on the tour with them.

Jess got to meet many of the Japanese “YFE family/fans” while she was there.  One of the girls Yuku loves to draw and when she saw the portraits that I took of Jo Ann and Jess on Jess’ MySpace page (that I shared a while back HERE) she wanted to draw the photo.

I thought it was really special that that one of my photos compelled her to do a drawing of it.  Good job Yuku!


3 Responses to “Yuku’s Drawing”

  1. how cool! That band rocks! Thanks for introducing them to me Jen.

  2. Oscar Says:

    Wow thats pretty good! The music is cool too!

  3. yuku Says:

    This is nice surprise!! Wow, I didn’t know someone posted my drawing with nice words!! Thank you very, very much!!
    I’ve been supporting YFE for two years and also write the blog about them. I met Jess in Japan and she is such a lovely girl. I hope to draw her again…


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