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Our Wanderings To Guide September 9, 2008

All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both our oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretense
Our wanderings to guide.
–Lewis Carroll [Charles Lutwidge Dodgson]”

“Let your boat of life be light, packed with only what you need – a homely home and simple pleasures, one or two friends, worth the name, someone to love and someone to love you, a cat, a dog, and a pipe or two, enough to eat and enough to wear, and a little more than enough to drink; for thirst is a dangerous thing.” — Jerome K. Jerome

“I keep sailing on in this middle passage. I am sailing into the wind and the dark. But I am doing my best to keep my boat steady and my sails full.— Arthur Ashe

“The sea, the great unifier, is man’s only hope. Now, as never before, the old phrase has a literal meaning: we are all in the same boat.Jacques Yves Cousteau


12 Responses to “Our Wanderings To Guide”

  1. Heather Says:

    Love them all, but I especially like #1. You take wonderful shots and I love the quotes.

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    All are nice; as always! But #2….can’t keep from going back to it! I like the detail in the rocks in the foreground; that cool clump of grass; the diagonal line leading the viewer to the boat; and the wonderful and peaceful color.

  3. julielawsonphotography Says:

    I truly am loving your vacation series of photographs. I’m glad you decided to post the ones of the boat, very great pictures. You did such a great job with these.

  4. […] Jen of Jen Rinaldi Photography – “Our Wanderings to Guide“ […]

  5. banjo bob Says:

    I really like your OBX series of photos. You’ve done a great job in capturing the light that’s down there on the sound. Good job on the quotes too!!

  6. Mike Palmer Says:

    I like the 2nd on the best because of the horizon line is not in the middle of the frame and you have some foreground action happening.

  7. Enigma3 Says:

    Stunning photos Jen. The 2nd one almost looks three dimentional and has a perfect balance between foreground and background. It would look fantastic on canvas.

  8. LeeGro Says:

    amazing! number 2 is my fav!

  9. Mom Says:

    Everyone: I couldn’t be a prouder MOM!
    Jen I am blown away!


  10. Oscar Says:

    I am truly loving these photos! These are great! makes me feel like I’m back there!

  11. the first shot is FLAWLESS my friend!

  12. Julie McLeod Says:

    These are lovely and soothing to see…

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