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Capturing Life's Fleeting Moments…

Whatever Our Souls Are Made of, His and Mine Are the Same September 23, 2008


9 Responses to “Whatever Our Souls Are Made of, His and Mine Are the Same”

  1. A very lovely composite my friend!

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    Good use of the composite. Like the quote!

  3. Julie McLeod Says:

    Boy, do they look happy! Nice presentation, Jen…

  4. Oscar Says:

    Jen You captured two spirits real well. Nice images! I like the effect!

  5. mom Says:

    Jen: This is a great layout. Good Job!

  6. Enigma3 Says:


    You’ve captured true happiness in a simple and natural way.

  7. Mike Palmer Says:

    AWESOME!! Great captures — and Post Production- you know you can do these in lightroom in the print module and print to jpeg for smugmug? the force is strong with me = ) I will send you a sample I just did for a restaurant meeting I am having this morning,

  8. Jo Says:

    SOOO beautiful – just stunning images Jen!

  9. christa & mark Says:

    omg, I cannot tell you how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures! I don’t know how we are ever going to narrow it down to a favorite…..

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