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We Interrupt This Photographer’s Life… October 1, 2008

My right forearm has been in a bit pain the past couple weeks. I can only imagine it being due to too much time on the computer at work, home, and holding my lovely camera for too many hours in row. 

Last night, instead of finishing the session I’m almost done with, I decided to take a break, bandage my arm, and park myself on the couch in front of the TV to give my arm a rest.  The editing frenzy I’ve been in for the past 2 weeks really needs a short hiatus.  Lots more jobs coming soon so I need to get better!

I have it bandanged tightly and I’m trying to teach myself how to use the mouse with my left hand (this is the time in my life that I wish I was ambidextrous!) and I’m trying to type with one hand when I can.  Anything to lay off the arm moving. 

I guess rather than calling it ‘Tennis Elbow’ you can call it ‘Photographer’s Forearm.’ 😀


For now I will leave you with these cute close ups…hopefully to make you all smile!!



8 Responses to “We Interrupt This Photographer’s Life…”

  1. mom Says:

    Momma’s baby gots a “boo boo”?

  2. Enigma3 Says:


    You are so funny! Tennis elbow? Photographers arm? Wait wait – Let’s call it “Jenphotocrippleitis” – It comes from sleeping with your camera.

  3. LeeGro Says:

    omg… you are too much!!! rest that arm!

  4. effiemay Says:

    well now that just sucks…get better soon.

  5. Julie McLeod Says:

    That’s a shame! Hope you’re back at it soon…

    Do you have a Wacom tablet? I find using it relieves tension after ‘mousing’ too long…

  6. Mike Palmer Says:

    get well soon Jen, maybe some Acupuncture = )

  7. I feel your pain! I know what you mean by “photographers forearm”, it can be painful. Not as painful as tennis elbow, that is a real pain in the …! 🙂

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