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My Friend “G” October 8, 2008

This is my lovely friend “G.”  She and I work together at my “day job” and we decided for her holiday cards that we’d take her portraits with adorable 2 best friends (her dog Sydney and her cat Jake).

While I was there I also took a few portraits of “G” alone…

Some with Sydney…

…and with Jake…

Sydney stole the spotlight.  Isn’t she the cuuuutest? (well, the cutest next to my Lucas)

And before I left Sydney entertained us with her “high 5” trick!  Ummm….so cute!

G, I had a nice time at your house tonight and thanks for a yummy dinner (and left overs for tomorrow night’s dinner!!!)  I’ll share the rest with you later!


13 Responses to “My Friend “G””

  1. Gordon Says:

    Wow Jen – Nice shots! I love the one with her dog!

  2. Mike Palmer Says:

    I think that first one is a good shot for a holiday card!! after you clone the frame out ; )

  3. Banjo Bob Says:

    I agree with Mike but I like #2 for the holiday shot..

  4. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Wonderful series! I love this, it’s so low key and perfect. Love the high fiving doggy!

  5. Elizabeth Melhorn Says:

    There is only one word for these pix: “Priceless”

  6. Jen Says:

    Thank you so much for the the comments everyone!

    Miss “G” went with the 2nd shot for the card and we placed the order today! 🙂

  7. Julie McLeod Says:

    Great set! Wish I could teach my pup to high five!

  8. Vinnie Says:

    Nice pictures! Your friend looks very comfortable in these pictures. I love her dog! Especially the first picture of just her & Sydney and then how could you not love the high-five? 😉

  9. mom Says:

    These are beautiful…………………when is my session?


  10. Guitree Says:

    Thanks everyone…..I had nothing to do it……it is the magic of Jen’s photography and Sydney and Jake…..

  11. I love this set and the final card!!!

  12. suehenryphotography Says:

    Great choice on #2 for the card; BUT….I’d also hang on the the shot with the dog only and the shot with the cat only. So cool! Great modelSSS.

  13. […] “alternate” assistant Guitree came with me for this event and was a tremendous help for her first time assisting me!  […]

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