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Sneak Peak: My Morning With the “S Family” at the D&R Canal in Griggstown October 20, 2008

The morning started off SUPER chilly but eventually turned out to be a beautiful fall afternoon.  Jo Ann and I met up with the “S Family” at the Griggstown, NJ portion of the D&R Canal.  I spend a lot of time photographing the canal in this area and it’s a favorite spot of mine.  I though it would be perfect for the shoot so I stopped by Wednesday to check out the area before and get some ideas.

The colors we GORGEOUS! After I stopped by on Wednesday, I was so excited the rest of the week, and couldn’t wait for Sunday to come. I knew the fall atmosphere the canal would provide would be an EXCELLENT backdrop for portraits and I was so pleased that my thoughts were correct!  It was absolutely perfect!!

Mom “C” was referred by Mom “C” of the “I Family” (from last Sunday’s shoot at Colonial Park) and what a beautiful family they were!  I loved spending time with C & M and their 3 wonderful children!

This is “B” – she was my beautiful model-slash-2nd assistant for the shoot.  She helped me to get her little brothers laugh and when it was there turn to pose.  Thanks B!  You did a great job!

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This is “A” and he was so adorable! You just wanted to  hug the little guy!

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This is “N” and he was a little sweetie!

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He was so excited after he got to throw rocks into that canal!  This was “I won!!”

It was a great morning with a great family! We had a lot of fun and “A” even got to enjoy a pancake during the shoot!

I can’t wait to share more!

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11 Responses to “Sneak Peak: My Morning With the “S Family” at the D&R Canal in Griggstown”

  1. Mike Palmer Says:

    Great Light Jen – Perfect Portraits

  2. Julie McLeod Says:

    What cute kids! Love your setting and the shots are so natural and fun…

  3. These are so beautifully “FALL”! Love each one.

  4. oscarstavern Says:

    Your ability to use the outdoors AND get great images of people are truly a great combo!

  5. Enigma3 Says:

    The family portrait queen nails it again. Very nice natural shots! I especially like the last brother and sister shot.

  6. banjo bob Says:

    Jen you have a real gift for portraiture, The love shows through and you must have many satisfied customers!!

  7. effiemay Says:

    they’re all great…but my fav is the last one. love the backdrop and the kids are just too cute!! now I want a pancake!!

  8. those freckles are just darling

  9. LeeGro Says:

    expressive, so full of life and youth. love ’em

  10. suehenryphotography Says:

    Not much I can add; the previous comments say it all! Another great one!

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