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True love stories never have endings October 21, 2008

Happy 6 year Anniversary Ed & Amy!

True love stories never have endings ~Richard Bach

Here’s to many, many, many more years of happiness together!

Love you guys!


12 Responses to “True love stories never have endings”

  1. effiemay Says:

    whoa….NICE!!! really, really love the second shot you posted! such great light!

  2. Julie McLeod Says:

    Jen, you’ve outdone yourself on these! Excellent, each and every one…
    And what a fabulous couple…

  3. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Ahh! What a nice little tribute to this wonderful couple. :o)

  4. Amy Says:

    Aww Jen you made me cry!! In a good way of course! LOL. Thank you for being such a good friend!! These pics are amazing!!

  5. wow the power of love shows through on these Jen. This couple is GORGEOUS top to bottom. Love your poses and the location.

  6. mom Says:

    these photos are beautiful………………..glad to see you are trying to go to bed a decent hour……………we all need our beauty sleep.


  7. ((((sigh)))))

    Aw. They are adorable together.

  8. Vinnie Says:

    Very nice work and what an excellent tribute to the love shared by these 2.

  9. graspthemoment Says:

    My lord… the textures in the second one is stunning. Great processing in the first one!! I like how the focus is on her in the second, but the design on his shirt distracts a bit, IMHO.

  10. Mike Palmer Says:

    R2 in full effect, Great series Jen

  11. A fantastic series of shot Jen!! Outstanding work!!

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