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I’m Back! And Catching Up! November 11, 2008

The Jo & Jen Road Trip was lots of fun!

We got to NC in a little over 8 hours thanks to Speed Racer Jo and home in exactly 8 hours (we decided to take 2 hour shifts).


“You will arrive in 4 million miles”

I made some great friends while I was there and had a fun time going out dancing!

Saturday I got to see my family including my Aunt & Gran…

…and my Dad who gave me a ride on his new motorcycle!

My Dad is “happening” 😀

Then my Aunt & Uncle invited everyone over for dinner so I could visit the whole family at once…

My Uncle the great cook!

My cousin…

My Dad’s Girlfriend

And the 2 cutest doggies!

Thanks for taking me on the road-trip Jo!

Let’s do it again very soon!


8 Responses to “I’m Back! And Catching Up!”

  1. You two must have had a fun time b/c you’re both “GLOWING”! Such a great thing to catch up with the family huh? I did that on Sunday too.

    You’re looking very happy in these photos Jen! 🙂

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    Watch out “Oprah and Gayle” — Jen and JoAnn are taking over! I enjoyed seeing your family photos. Looks like good times!

  3. julielawsonphotography Says:

    I’m so glad that you were able to go. You really needed a break to relax. I’m also glad that you were able to go and see your family. It’s so nice to be able to catch up with the people you love.

  4. Jo Says:

    Super Thanks to the best co-pilot a girl could ever ask for!
    Jen, we are both starting brand new chapters in our lives –
    I look forward to many more adventures with you my friend:)

  5. Mike Palmer Says:

    Okay, You all give off some Soprano’s vibe – was there some kind of relocation involved? Glad you had fun Jen.

  6. Oscar Says:

    Wow Jen – looks like you two had fun. i LOVE THE SINGLE RED EYE EFFECT YOU DID ON THE SECOND PHOTO! LOL

    Looks like a nice trip! Glad you shared!

  7. JRP Says:

    Thanks for your comments everyone. We had a fun time and I’m sure we’ll be heading there more often! It was great to get away (even if it was for a weekend) and also to see my family. 🙂

    Sue – Oprah and Gail – LOL! I remember when they did their road trip! HA!

    Jo – Thanks for having me! Yay to more adventures and I may have to steal your shirt!! HAHAH! The guys “made the blog” LOL!

    Mike – Sopranos?? Are you makin’ fun of my Italian-ness? LOL

    Gordon-I purposely made Jo Ann’s eye red! Just’s called point & shoot and red-eye reduction that just doesn’t work! Plus Jo Ann was using her super powers to send fire rays to the car in front of her for not getting out of the left lane!

  8. OMG. That looks like so much fun. You dad is super awesome on the motorcycle.

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