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Autumn Mosaic With a Twist “ala Mike” November 14, 2008

First let me start this post by honoring my great friend Heather (from One Shot Beyond Photography)’s very special day.


I hope it’s a great day for you!!

You deserve it!


Mike ( and I were discussing my “Autumn Mosaic” post from yesterday and he gave me a suggestion on how I could have taken the photo differently.

I sent him the photo to see how he might have cropped it differently (to show me what he meant) and besides the suggestion he gave…he came up with this creation below.  I thought it looked awesome and I wanted to share it.

It’s our first “Jen & Mike” Collaboration and Mike even titled it! LOL!  🙂  I love how the shadows of the trees join together and that little bit of blue sky!

Thanks Mike!


7 Responses to “Autumn Mosaic With a Twist “ala Mike””

  1. suehenryphotography Says:

    Great artistic collaboration.

    And “Happy Birthday” Heather!!!!!!

  2. julielawsonphotography Says:

    ahh this IS different. I think it’s cool.

  3. Jason Says:

    Very cool collaboration here – it took a few seconds for me to see the whole thing, but I’ve not even had my coffee yet!

  4. Oscar Says:

    pretty neat Jen! (and Mike)

  5. wonderful manipulated photo! I love team work!!!

    Thank you Jen for making my birthday so special with this tribute! 32 feels fab!

  6. Jo Says:

    So so unique:)
    Happy Birthday Heather! Have a great one:)

  7. Happy Birthday Heather!!

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