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Send Love & Cheer With Custom Made Post Cards November 20, 2008

I started a new gallery on my website, a few months back, with the intention of featuring my photos along with the addition of quotes that inspire or move me, to be sold as Post Cards.

I’ve been so busy with other photography work that I haven’t had time to make as many as I’d like to and I haven’t been able to feature this new addition to my website until now.

The post cards will be featured in THIS GALLERY.  So far I have 5 designs available and I hope to have time to create and add additional cards during the winter months – when things quiet down a little for me.

Cost: $5.99 each plus shipping.

The 4×6 Post Cards are printed using HP Indigo 5000 digital offset presses on heavy card stock. On the image side, there is a glossy, UV and water resistant coating. The back side is a standard template with address and stamp areas.  It’s a popular gift with excellent color reproduction!

-Click to view larger


9 Responses to “Send Love & Cheer With Custom Made Post Cards”

  1. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Very nice my friend. These are beautiful!

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    I’d kind of forgotten about these. Thanks for the reminder. Very nice.

  3. Love the yellow daisy shot! So much mood in these, thanks for putting these beautiful shots online!

  4. Vinnie Says:

    These are beautiful! I love the quotes you’ve chosen to go on the postcards. You’re so creative.

  5. Julie McLeod Says:

    How pretty! Cheering me up on an early winter day…

  6. Jason Says:

    Great idea here Jen, and you have some wonderful shots and quotes compiled. Andrew Smith over at Visual Realia also seems to have a knack for making associations between poetry and photography.

  7. I’m lovin’ these goodies!

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