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The H Family at My Hometown Park November 24, 2008

Today’s job was canceled due to the high winds and cold so I had plenty of time to edit the remainder of the photos of the “H. Family.” I’m so happy I was able to get them done and share them with my old friend “S.” just in time for holiday ordering!

I am going to have a very hard time narrowing down favorites for the blog because I like so many of them!

He has great eyes!

Texture!  YAY!

I love S. Jr’s pose here.  He did this all on his own!

And sometimes you can help but take the sad faces…because even they are adorable!

S. and I go way back to Grammar school (Kindergarten through eight grade).  I thought I’d throw in a few pics to embarrass us both:

5th grade

8th grade:

9th grade:

(That’s S and I in the front on the floor…notice I’m holding a video camera…always with some kind of camera! LOL):


7 Responses to “The H Family at My Hometown Park”

  1. Beautiful session! I love the textured one of the whole family. Looks like perfect weather & happy smiles!

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    What a great series, Jen. How fun it is to see you and S – “Then and Now.”

    I can’t take my eyes off of the black and white tight crop of the baby. And, the one of the baby upside down …… so typical of fathers and sons.

  3. Mike Palmer Says:

    I am with Sue on the close up of the face!! PERFECT!!

  4. oscarstavern Says:

    Looked like a fun time. Isn’t it neat connecting with old friends! Great work! I like the upside down baby!

  5. Julie McLeod Says:

    Yep, the upside down baby is priceless and so is the one where he is about to burst into tears. Wonderful set, Jen…

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