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I Don’t Wanna Go Home December 3, 2008

It’s 12:55am and it’s my last night in Indiana for my visit to see my bestest gal pal Julie and her wonderful family (Doug, Brianna & Emmalie).  I’m sitting in Julie’s kitchen and everyone is asleep (except Bri…shhhh don’t tell Mom!!) not wanting to go home tomorrow.

I’m thinking about how sad I am to leave the Lawson family behind and head back to New Jersey at 5:15pm tomorrow.  I wish we had longer but I have no choice…I have to go back to Jersey.

The Lawson family is one of the best families I’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with like this.  Their love for each other is evident everyday and they made me feel completely comfortable and right at home the minute I arrived.  I was so excited when Julie, Brianna, Emmalie, Jennifer and Brittany were waiting at the end of the hallway for me at the airport.  We had such a great time and it went way too fast.

Some of our fun memories from the last 5 days include:

  • Kayla’s Senior Session with Julie & Jen in action
  • Random freak snow storms when the weather said sunny…and the weatherman said that he “didn’t want to mention the possibility of snow in the forecast”
  • Buzzing TVs in the middle of the night
  • A photo session in the Milo field, in the dark, that last 5 minutes because it was too cold
  • The Orbs with Brianna and Brittany
  • Brianna staying up past her bedtime
  • Doug being outnumbered by 4 women & a female dog for 5 days…LOL
  • The General Store and Emmalie’s cut up ice cream sandwich
  • Drakes Cakes!
  • Bagels
  • Jenny No-Neck
  • Lady bugs
  • Doug’s yummy dinners
  • Brianna scaring me in the middle of the night and my arms flailing wildly
  • Screaming Cheese & Crackers – YUMMMMMMM  “Yes, I want another, Bri!”
  • Drive By Shootings “Barnapalozza Indiana”
  • Jen & Julie’s very own Senior Sessions in the Milo filed
  • Emmalie in the suitcase and with my hat & shoes
  • Apple “Bobble” Jeans
  • Scooby-Doo
  • Eating good in the neighborhood
  • And last but not least…Julie crashing into a semi and totaling Doug’s car in the ice on the way to Bri’s game 😦

Brianna was our awesome photographer tonight (she’s a budding photographer as well and seemed psyched to use the D80).  We had a great time taking the following photos for fun. We hope you get a kick out of them as much as we did!!


Perfect Angels

Scared by the OINK

This kid’s so hungry that she’s eating her foot!

After 15 tries we got it right!

Can I have my bed back please?

Giggle fit!

I don’t wanna go home 😦 



Thanks to all of you!

I promise I will see you all soon!  I’m a new fan of Indiana!




15 Responses to “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”

  1. The internet world proves it can be a friendly place! I’m so glad you met each other in person finally! Can’t wait for our turn too! Wishing you safe travels back and the Lawson family and happy holiday!

  2. julielawsonphotography Says:

    awwwww we are all going to miss you too. I love the out takes…those are great!!!! You are the best friend a girl could have. I love ya!!!

  3. Jennifer Says:


    I know I only got to spend time with you when we picked you up from the airport. I had heard so much about you about how amazing and fun you were! I saw that about you as soon as you came down the hallway! I know that Julie is so sad to have you go! I hope you get a chance to visit Indiana again…maybe in the summer when there is no snow and ice! :0)

  4. MOM Says:

    Jen: Looks like you had a great time! Now I believe you that you are ok after the “crash”. Julie truly has beautiful girls! Love shots………..Can’t wait to see you tonight!!

    Julie and Gang: Thanks for taking such good care of Jen……..I know she will cherish the time spent with all of you. (But, truth be told…..We need her back here with Us 🙂 )
    Safe Home little one………………

    See you in EWR at 8:02pm


  5. julielawsonphotography Says:

    we seriously thought about kidnapping her and telling you all that there wasn’t a ransom and that we were keeping her and that’s that. LOL Of course, jail time doesn’t appeal to me. rofl

    Your daughter truly is amazing, of course I know you know that. ;o)

    Thanks to all of Jen’s family and friends for sharing her with us for 5 days. Life around here just isn’t going to be the same.

  6. LeeGro Says:

    wow! these are all awesome. so glad you had such an amazing visit… and thanks for sharing your trip with all of us… Julie and her family seem wonderful.

  7. Julie McLeod Says:

    What a blast! I LOVE the first ‘giggle fit’ shot the best…

  8. oscarstavern Says:

    Well it looks like our Jen had a good time. Long overdue honey! Thanks Julie and crew for making our friend smile. A LOT! Can’t wait to see the shots!

  9. mom Says:

    LOL Julie: Sorry you can’t have her, we need her here. Besides who will take care of Lucas???? I guess I could put him on plane to your house….lol

    I know Jen will cherish the time she spent with you and your family. Why don’t you consider coming to New Jersey this summer……………I am sure “Dad” can mind the “girl’s!!!


  10. Vinnie Says:

    As I said on Julie’s blog. I love this whole thing. The pictures, the story and the friendship. It’s a beautiful thing – true friends can be hard to find.

  11. jen Says:

    aww those were really sweet pics…

  12. effiemay Says:

    So glad you were able to relax and let loose and have such fun! The photos are wonderful…cheers to ‘new friendships’!!

  13. Toni (aka - the oldest friend) Says:

    Jen, Glad you had such a great time! I love the ones with the two of you and the little girl jumping up in the air. So cute! Looks like you got some great pictures!

  14. suehenryphotography Says:

    Nothing left for me to say…..everyone has said it ALL!

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful, wonderful trip to Indiana and the photos are FUN-TASTICALLY AWESOME!

  15. colblue Says:

    It sounds like you had a fantastic time!!

    Sorry to hear about the car crash. At least everyone is alright!

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