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Is it Christmas Yet??? December 17, 2008

This little sweetheart “E” is Julie Lawson’s youngest daughter and this little lady will melt your heart the minute you meet her!

I did some Christmas portraits of her for Julie while I was visiting her in Indiana.

“E” even comes fully equipped with her own poses for portraits!  I didn’t have to direct a single pose – I swear!  Soon enough she’ll be accompanying her mom to photo shoots and posing the subjects for her.

This is the cutest one of the shoot – it’s almost as if she’s asking “Is it Christmas yet??”

This one is too stinkin cute!  Those little eyes peeping over the present are too cute for words!

Stop over at Julie’s blog to see her Christmas Diva photos of Emmlie from the same photo shoot by clicking HERE.


9 Responses to “Is it Christmas Yet???”

  1. julielawsonphotography Says:

    Awww these are so great!!!! I have the one titled ‘is it christmas yet?’ hanging on my wall.

    Love everyone and we all miss ya!

  2. JulieM Says:

    FANTASTIC! That little girl is the cutest thing ever! These are all great shots but I love the last one with just her eyes showing…

  3. Mike Palmer Says:

    cute shots, I like the last one also

  4. Vinnie Says:

    I love that last shot. That is so cute! It should be on the cover of a greeting card or something.

  5. suehenryphotography Says:

    I chuckled out loud at the last one! How precious. I showed these to my daughter-in-law. We agreed that my four year old grandson would NOT have posed as cute a “E” did!!!! Wonderful series.

  6. colblue Says:

    Very cute shots!!

  7. I cant even take it. She is super cuteness.

  8. […] You may remember little “E’s” Christmas photos where she posed with the giant Christmas tree ornament and hid half her face behind the Christmas gift that you all loved – found HERE. […]

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