The Adventure Continues!

I’m both thrilled and a little melancholy at the same time. The strange mix of emotions is due to the fact that the first portion of my cross country tour for “Jen’s Big Adventure” has ended and my final leg of “the tour” starts tomorrow.

I purchased the tickets back in September and it felt as if the days were going by so slow and the trips would never get here.  Now I’m leaving for the airport tomorrow to see Heather for my 2nd trip of 2 — and I know from experience with the trip to see Julie that it’s going to fly by tooooooo fast!

I’ve been looking at this entry on my calendar at work for so long and now it’s finally here!  YAY!!!


8 thoughts on “The Adventure Continues!

  1. I’m sure your off to California by now so I hope your flight went well. It’s been cold and cloudy up here in MN these days so I’m really looking forward to seeing some nice sunny photos of California by Jen!


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