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Happy Birthday to Us! December 23, 2008

I spent my birthday in San Diego Tuesday with Heather and an old friend that I used to work with (Kyle) who I hadn’t seen in 6 years.

Kyle moved to San Diego about 3 years back and I was excited when I realized Heather didn’t live far from S.D. and we were all able to get together for lunch.

Heather bought me a yummy desert and I ate it before my meal even came..

When we were leaving Kyle mentioned that he had some free time and he took on the roll of tour guide for us – which made our night!

We even had him use the Nikons to get some photos of us without us having to hold our arm and take it ourselves! LOL 🙂

We visited the beach at La Jolla as the sun set and got some great scenic shots!

It was chillllllly!  We were loving our hoods last night!

After La Jolla we headed over to Coronado and we captured the SanDiego skyline before we headed out.

After I said goodbye to Kyle 😦 we head off for our mutual birthday dinners (Heather Nov 14th) and mine which was on the day of the dinner (yesterday12/22).

I had the best meal of shrimp & homemade pasta with tomatoes, garlic Arguala in a white wine/lemon sauce.  It was awesome (and of course I added a ton of grated Parmesan cheese).

San Diego was one of my favorite days of the trip…and even despite the fact that it rained that day we had a GREAT time!!


JRP & OSPB December 22, 2008

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We’ve having a great time here in California the past couple days…Venice Beach (quite the experience), Los Angeles (busy busy like NYC), Newport Beach (and surrounding beaches), out for some delicious meals, and lots and lots more!

Plus we’ve been getting some great portraits of each other!  I edited this one tonight and I’m loving it!  Isn’t she a beauty??


California…Here I Am December 20, 2008

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After quite the traveling experience of canceled flights (because of the impending snow), hours on the phone with Continental trying to find another way of getting to California, leaving for the airport at 345am (without going to sleep before heading to the airport), riding on “mini-me” plane (which scared the heck out of me)…


…connecting flights in Atlanta (have you seen how HUGE that airport is??), a completely full plane where I got stuck with a middle seat (when all I wanted to do sleep)…


…to finally reaching my destination at the John Wayne airport in Orange County, California!!


…and finally meeting my friend Heather (of after 2 years of being friends!


I had my very first IN & OUT burger (yum!)…



…and visited Heather’s neighbor’s amazingly decorated house for Christmas…complete with music and light shows!


Tomorrow we will be heading to LA so that should be a great first time experience for me.  I’m so looking forward to it!!


The Adventure Continues! December 18, 2008

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I’m both thrilled and a little melancholy at the same time. The strange mix of emotions is due to the fact that the first portion of my cross country tour for “Jen’s Big Adventure” has ended and my final leg of “the tour” starts tomorrow.

I purchased the tickets back in September and it felt as if the days were going by so slow and the trips would never get here.  Now I’m leaving for the airport tomorrow to see Heather for my 2nd trip of 2 — and I know from experience with the trip to see Julie that it’s going to fly by tooooooo fast!

I’ve been looking at this entry on my calendar at work for so long and now it’s finally here!  YAY!!!


Is it Christmas Yet??? December 17, 2008

This little sweetheart “E” is Julie Lawson’s youngest daughter and this little lady will melt your heart the minute you meet her!

I did some Christmas portraits of her for Julie while I was visiting her in Indiana.

“E” even comes fully equipped with her own poses for portraits!  I didn’t have to direct a single pose – I swear!  Soon enough she’ll be accompanying her mom to photo shoots and posing the subjects for her.

This is the cutest one of the shoot – it’s almost as if she’s asking “Is it Christmas yet??”

This one is too stinkin cute!  Those little eyes peeping over the present are too cute for words!

Stop over at Julie’s blog to see her Christmas Diva photos of Emmlie from the same photo shoot by clicking HERE.


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Happy Birthday Cuz! December 16, 2008

My cousin RJ celebrated his big 3-0 birthday this past Friday night.

We were all there for the celebration!

The food was great, the DJ’s played all my favorite songs and there was good company!

RJ & his classic photo face!

RJ & I

RJ & his Mom (my Aunt Dee)

Me and my Aunt Dee

Me, RJ & my sister Darlene

Me, My Mom & my sister Darlene


Thanks for having us at your birthday bash!

Enjoy your day!

And here is to many more happy years ahead for you!