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“From the Top of the Empire State Building” January 7, 2009

New Year’s Day 2009 was a great day!

Jo Ann and I showed our North Carolina crew around New York City for the day (their first time seeing the city) and braved the 20-something degree weather to do so.

The day started with a trip to the top of the Empire State Building (something I’ve never done before in my 33 years and I’ve been in NYC so many times in my life). My one goal was to take panoramic views of all of NYC from each side of the building and I got those shots and more.

Be sure to click on each panoramic photo to view larger see more of the details:

I can’t even express how cold and windy it was on top of the building! I’m not even sure if these photos can give you the full idea!


7 Responses to ““From the Top of the Empire State Building””

  1. Oscar Says:

    Wow These photos are fabulous! I love NYC! Wish i could have met up with you that night at the tree.

  2. Jo Says:

    Holy BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR – Jen I LOVE the pics – why do i get the feeling that when josh and i have a home it will be decorated entirely with JRP originals!!!
    Thanks for capturing our memorable day so beautifully:)

  3. Julie McLeod Says:

    Fantastic panoramas! The details are incredible and I especially like the second one – the details really pop out. You must have covered just about every inch of the city! 😉

  4. You AMAZE ME. All The Time.

  5. colblue Says:

    Love the panoramic views! NY is quite the metropolis.

  6. Chris Says:

    Jen! I can’t believe how cold it was up there! Despite the bone chilling wind, you took some really good photos! I love them!

  7. Shawn Says:

    Great panoramas! We went up there at night last year but I really would like to go up during the day to get some shots like these.

    Nice work!

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