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Curiosity of the Abandoned Gets The Best of Me in North Carolina! January 14, 2009

On our way home from the New Bern, North Carolina waterfront I spotted an abandoned house (that I saw on the way to our destination) that we just HAD to stop at!!

I ran around the house for 5 minutes getting the best angles and snapped a handful of shots and peeked in through the windows.  You could still see furniture, the remains of wallpaper and decorations rotting away inside.  It makes me wonder how a house could be left to fall apart like this when there are so many people out there that need a good home…

After I got my shots I made a mad dash back to the car before someone questioned why I was on private property that was clearly marked “no trespassing” — ummm..oopsy!  I just couldn’t help myself!

If you know me…you know that I can’t pass up a GEM like this – especially with one of the most beautiful skies above!!  I can’t get enough of places like this! There is something that just draws me right in.

Pssst!  By the way…REDYNAMIX plug-in for Photoshop ROCKS my sox!  I’m in LOVE.

Be sure to click on each photo below to view it larger…you need to get the full effect!

The above shot in B&W

My favorite shot of the day!  SUN FLARE = LOVE!


18 Responses to “Curiosity of the Abandoned Gets The Best of Me in North Carolina!”

  1. Rustic and a bit eerie…just the right combo! Nice job spotting this. What a thrill for you to know you were trespassing. 😉

  2. colblue Says:

    The B&W version of the first shot is outstanding. The sky is perfect for this!

    I can see why your favourite shot is your favorite. That is a magical shot! A real standout!

  3. julielawsonphotography Says:

    I agree! These rock! Seriously some awesome photographs! I love every one of them.

  4. suehenryphotography Says:

    A good sky day + abandoned old house + ReDynamix = one fine series. I’m with Colin on black/white version of the first shot!

  5. Sometimes trespassing is worth it. Great conversions. Love the whole series.

  6. Julie McLeod Says:

    I think you should go into the photo tour business! You find the best places.

    These are fantastic! A lot to love here. 😉

  7. Vinnie Says:

    Great series Jen! Looking at the old run down house does make you wonder what happened there. I could make up all kinds of stories to go along with these photographs. And to top it off – beautiful sky! (PS. I won’t tell anyone you were trespassing.) 😉

  8. Mike Palmer Says:

    Super Series R2 – Perfect use of ReDynaMix –

  9. Once again, I am utterly Impressed with your work.

  10. Chris Says:

    Wow so I really didn’t think that old beat up house would have photographed that well. Very nice work, Jen. I love the sun flare photo and the first photo is amazing.

  11. Crash Says:

    These are super awesome. Great job Jen. Going to check out ReDynamix now. Hope you’re well and take care.

  12. Andy Says:

    All wonderful… I like the third from the top; portrait orientation an that great sky really works for me.

    Great decision to stop!

  13. These are very wonderful and inspiring shots! I think it’s very cool that you ran around the house in fear of being caught trespassing. Sounds like fun!

  14. missyphotography Says:

    Fun photos. I love the sun-flare also. Thanks for posting on my blog awhile back. Very sweet.

  15. graspthemoment Says:

    Top notch HDR work. A great find too. I already told you which was my favorite.

    but why didn’t you go inside???

  16. fayetteappletree Says:

    my jaw dropped when I saw these. so beautiful

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