Meet the Lawsons

Meet The Lawsons.

Sweetest family in all of Indiana!

Most of you know Julie Lawson of Julie Lawson meet her hubby Doug and daughter’s Brianna and Emmalie (you probably remember Bri & Emmy from my Indy blog posts if you haven’t spent time on Julie’s blog yet).

When I was in Indiana Julie asked me to take formal portraits of her family.

I was totally honored to do so and this is the one that Julie chose to hang in her home:

Julie had a specific idea for this shot.  I don’t think we achieved her vision but I still love the idea of it.

And one for the outtakes!

I love that little Emmy is making like she is eating her toe…and I can still hear Doug’s laugh ringing through my ears!

While I was in Indy I also did a shoot with Julie’s niece Kayla for Senior portraits (which you’ve seen a sneak peek of) as well as of Kayla’s sister Brittany. shown below.  Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Brittany and Brianna has some fun that night with their bubble gum! 🙂

I think I have more from this shoot to edit that I hope to get to one day…soon…


11 thoughts on “Meet the Lawsons

  1. Good to see that Doug is a real person. As I hadn’t seen a shot of him before I did wonder if he really existed. 🙂

    The foot-in-mouth is a bit of fun. Nice and spontaneous!

  2. Like most everyone else, I enjoyed seeing Doug and loved the “toe-eating shot.”

    Photography certainly has gone through a dramatic change toward informality; capturing the personality of the people being photographed.

  3. SUe – that’s the think I love most about it. I so enjoy that photography has become a “lifestyle” session versus formal posed portrait sessions. 🙂

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