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Canvas on Demand February 17, 2009

Below are 2 recent canvases of my work that were printed up as gifts and ordered through Canvas on Demand.

I loved the results and wanted to share them with all of you in case you were interested in canvas prints and wanted to see more examples.

I think that printing your work on canvas gives extra life to the photo.

This is the San Diego Skyline from my recent trip to California. It’s an “gallery wrap” so the photo wraps around the edges of the canvas.

This is “I Heart NY” from December 2007.  It was named because of the heart that was formed by the sun & shadows on the skyscraper on the left of the photo.  That detail was something I didn’t discover until I open the photo on my computer when I got home.

This was not an image wrap.  The edges were done in black.


12 Responses to “Canvas on Demand”

  1. WOW JEN! Excellent!!! I love them both but of course am partial to the San Diego skyline we took together! Are you sending that to me? LOL I love canvas-especially on with metallic coating. Have you tried it that way yet? You must! Hope you don’t forget to plant your signature on these before giving them out. They are priceless.

  2. colblue Says:

    I must have been living under a rock because this is the first time I’ve noticed the heart on the building.

    They look fantastic Jen! I quite like the black edge option, I’ve only seen gallery wraps before. Either way you are right, canvas does give them a special quality. They will look great on your wall.

  3. Wow! Great stuff Jen – I think all of them are great. The images of course, but the wraps and finish on the items are brill too. I never spotted the heart either until I read the post! Brilliant.

  4. PhotoRover Says:

    I remember that <3!

    Wonderful treatment for outstanding images!
    Great work, Jen!

  5. suehenryphotography Says:

    You and Mike got me started with “Canvas on Demand” and I can’t quit! I’ve gotten so that now when I order I order two: one for me and one to sell!

    Your pieces are perfect choices for canvas. You will enjoy these for years to come!

  6. Julie McLeod Says:

    Great choices for canvas, Jen. I love the NY one! That heart is amazing…

  7. mom Says:

    Jen these are breathtaking…………….someone’s mom is having a birthday soon 🙂

  8. effiemay Says:

    They look awesome Jen!

  9. Chris Says:

    These are amazing photos. I was really impressed with the idea photo printed on canvas. But we should all know I’m VERY new to the whole photography thing. I’m just enjoyin everyones work 😉

    Very very very nice photos. They came out amazing!

  10. oscarstavern Says:

    WOW They are awesome! You’ll have to show me one day!

  11. oh our skyline is SO awesome! and you captured it perfectly! really love that ny one too. if you aren’t selling those you should!

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