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New York City Skyline February 18, 2009

I visited Weehawken, NJ to photograph the New York City skyline over the Hudson River this past Sunday from Hamilton Park.

I took 12 images in total and used 11 images to create this panorama (but cropped the ends some).

I wish the sky held more interest for the photo…but I’m sure I will be back there sometime soon to retry again. I really want to go back at night and do a night panorama shoot.



5 Responses to “New York City Skyline”

  1. Jen – that is truley brilliant. Great stuff!

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    WOW! A stunner for sure!

  3. oscarstavern Says:

    Wow thats real cool!

  4. colblue Says:

    11 shots… wow!! I’m lucky if I can get 3 put together. It is an impressive skyline. 🙂

    It is unfortunate the sky wasn’t more interesting for you but, you can always go back someday.

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