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You Light Up My Life March 12, 2009

You saw the sneak peak of baby “E” so now I present you some of my favorites from the session.

But before you meet baby “E” – meet his Mom (Tara) and Dad (Bryan) who met on the online dating website JDate.

Click HERE to see a recent JDate video that Tara and Bryan were featured in to promote the website and it’s success.  When you get there click on the 2nd video titled “We weren’t Interested.”

E’s mom and I went to college together and when she mentioned she was having her first baby I immediately told her that I wanted to photograph the baby’s newborn photos.  She agreed and she waited 9 long months for her baby boy to be born and I waited 9 long months to take his photos!

I was so excited for the opportunity sine this was the youngest newborn I photographed to date! He was born January 25th and we did the session on February 7th – 2 weeks later.

*Click to view larger*

Tara and Bryan had lots of great things around the house to use as props and Bryan was so good with ideas that I told him I was going to take him with me to my jobs!

This is my favorite photo from the session of Mommy & Baby.  Tara’s eyes are so beautiful – especially in this photo!

Dad brought his guitar out for some fun Rockin’ Baby Photos!

This one makes me laugh because it looks like he is dancing to music.

For this edit I wanted it to look like he was dreaming about music.

I added this texture to give this photo the same feel as the one above.

What a beautiful couple blessed with such a beautiful baby!

Love those little tootsies!

E’s parents own a custom lampshade and lighting store – Tara Shawn Designs.

In honor of that we took some photos of “E” with some of the lampshades from the store.

This one was just for a giggle.

*The little shade hate was propped on the edge of the large lampshade…no harm was done to “E” in the making of this photo. LOL 🙂


8 Responses to “You Light Up My Life”

  1. George Says:

    Well done Jen I am sure the proud parents will be more than pleased with the images. I love the little tootsies shot.

  2. well, you obviously know how much I love this session ; )

    Great job as always, Jen

  3. Good work Jen – as a father of a 9 month old i know how precious the memories of those first couple of weeks are. Great shots.

  4. jeriamrine Says:

    How awsome are these shots!! Love the use of props and LOVE the baby CBGB outfit!!

  5. Julie McLeod Says:

    Where were you when I had my babies? 😉

    The entire set is fantastic! But, my very favorite is the first one of dad kissing the baby (the one with the profile view). Do you see that amazing expression on the baby’s face? Just perfect……

  6. Lee Gro Says:

    wow… wow… wow! what an amazing series. you my friend are magnificent and this is some of your finest work to date.

  7. suehenryphotography Says:

    Where do I begin? Perhaps by simply saying “Great work and series.”

    It’s difficult to point out favorites when there are so many nice pieces in this series. I, of course, like the hands and feet. The ones with dad and baby stand out as does the family one that is fairly traditional (with the great skin tones on mom and dad.) But then, there are the creative lamp shade ones…..well… get the idea. Goes right back to “Great work and series.”

  8. Mike Palmer Says:

    Excellent series!!! This many great shots lend itself to a book!!

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