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Love Is Just a Word Until Someone Comes Along and Gives it Meaning April 14, 2009

I met with Katy & Geoff back in March for a Couples Lifestyle Portrait Session.

Katy and I work for the same company and the portrait session was a surprise for Geoff for his birthday although he admitted that he figured out what Katy was up to on the way to park. 🙂

We met at Duke Island Park and although it was a chilly, overcast, March day you wouldn’t know it by looking at the photos of Katy & Geoff.  As cliché as it sounds they warmed up the park with their love for each other and it made me so happy for them.  I’m jealous…I want a session like this done for me!  They were so easy to direct for this session and I hardly had to tell them what to do!

I picked my top 20 photos from the session.  It’s a set of photos I’m really, really proud of (not that I’m not proud of all of my work!!).  The editing of this session really flowed for me and I love the processing I went with on some many of them.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Please do me a favor and click on each photo to view the photos larger (especially on the textured/treated photos to see the detail work)*






















17 Responses to “Love Is Just a Word Until Someone Comes Along and Gives it Meaning”

  1. Lee Gro Says:

    more amazing work!!! i have three favorites… 2,5, & 20

  2. Andy Says:

    Wonderful gift.

  3. suehenryphotography Says:

    I am embarrassed. I thought I would just pick a couple of favorites to share with you. My list kept getting longer and longer — 2, 5, 8, 10, 15, and 16. 🙂

    Psst…I recognize the texture in #1! 😉

  4. effiemay Says:

    Jen the photos are all great… my favs are 2-4-7-19 but 1 + 20 are the ones that really stand out for me. Love them! Just had another look…must add two more…15 + 16.

  5. I can’t narrow down favorites. The quote is beautiful…so is every photo.

  6. Jeri Says:

    Awesome!! Excellent composition on all of them and I love the processing choices. #2 is my top favorite. Well done, Jen!

  7. Mike Palmer Says:

    You are nailing it kiddo!! Best yet!!

  8. Katy N Says:

    Jen, you got me again…tears of joy seeing your 20 favorite pictures and amazing processing techniques. It’s important to see in my favorites like 15 and 16 that our “love” and friendship becomes timeless in our eyes …..and playfulness in # 20, I certainly don’t feel like we’re 45 this year. Thank you! for so capturing the essence of how we feel about each other. Forever grateful.

  9. Lovely shots Jen. The one throught the fence is a cracker. Prefect light, perfect pose, perfect composition. Perfect! Great stuff.

  10. Geoff W. Says:

    Jen, thank you so very much for all your effort and time on these! Of course they are all winners to me (plus many others from the full list, but hey…I’m a bit partial!). You really caught us in love…and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

    Katy, you really got me with this beautiful gift of a lifetime…I love you endlessly!!!

  11. Jo Says:

    wow – im speechless – just so so so beautiful

  12. Julie McLeod Says:

    Beautiful! I can see why Katy and Geoff are thrilled with these. My favs are 10 & 16….

  13. Cathy Barker Says:

    Very NICE! I really like 11 and 16, but there are all really great!

    Love you both!!!

  14. oscarstavern Says:

    Wow, Nice collection of photos! I’m sure they will love them.
    They look loke a nice couple!

  15. What a cool set, love it.

    I’m coming back here again, thanks.

    B Dad

  16. I hope I am in love like that one day.

  17. ravikumar Says:

    fine nice photos

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