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Tickled Pink April 19, 2009

I love Spring because that means beautiful abstract macros!!

Spent some time at Colonial Park with the Nikon 105mm VR in the botanical garden.

Unfortunately hardly anything was in bloom so I photographed whatever I could find.

I loooooove this pink!


11 Responses to “Tickled Pink”

  1. effiemay Says:

    beautiful…so soft and delicate!!

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    I’m so glad you took a little time to photograph these; you do abstracts so well. Like them all, but love #2!

  3. gorgeous…I like pink with pops of soft yellow. Lovely looking.

  4. oscarstavern Says:

    I saw some Orchids in Florida like that. Very nice – It almost glows!!!!


  5. Lee Gro Says:

    poppin pinks… NICE work

  6. Andy Says:

    Whoa… very cool. You used color to your advantage very well.

  7. Really nice colours coming out here Jen. Great framing too.

  8. Mike Palmer Says:

    I love your pink too….Tulip??

  9. JRP Says:

    Thanks for the comments everyone!

    Mike – Thanks. it wasn’t a tulip. I wish they were already in bloom! It was this little tiny flower that resembled a Tulip but I don’t kow what it was called. The edges of the petals were more pointed versus rounded like a tulip.

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