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The Color Purple April 22, 2009


Ahhh, the color purple…just as beautiful to me as the pink flowers I posted a couple days ago.

I’m in love with Macros.  There is something so serene and peaceful about the soft lines and the silky bokeh!

I can’t wait to buy some of these macros on canvas and hang them around my new home (whenever my house finally sells!!)

And I adore just that one little detail in focus.  That’s what makes the macro for me.

*You can click on each photo to view larger*











12 Responses to “The Color Purple”

  1. the 1st shot is brilliant in every way. Wonderful detail of that single petal…

  2. These are incredible Jen, absolutely incredible. Lovely depth of field of course, but the colours are just sublime. I bet these look great printed and in front of you. Well done indeed.

  3. sharon Says:

    Beautiful! I love the soft focus. Make them look more like abstracts.

  4. Julie McLeod Says:

    These are so pretty! The colors make me want to paint something…

  5. Andy Says:

    You’re really using color well in these, Jen.

    Macros are fun; makes you do “more” with less.

    Good luck with the house sale!

  6. effiemay Says:

    simple . stunning . gorgeous color

  7. Holy Amazing. Purple was ALREADY my favorite color and now I love it even more.

  8. Mike Palmer Says:

    I am liking your purple also = )

  9. suehenryphotography Says:

    #4 is my fav! Love the composition and the contrasting background.

  10. Toni Says:

    Really wonderful macros! You do seem to be an extreme macro girl – in a very good way. 🙂 Thanks for your visit and comment yesterday!

  11. These macro shots ROCK!

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