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Mellow Yellow April 24, 2009

It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend…I’m excited for the good weather as I head down to North Carolina for few days!

I hope to get some fun photos from the trip.

Enjoy the “sunny” macros below and enjoy your weekend!


8 Responses to “Mellow Yellow”

  1. Nice choice of colours for the season! Enjoy NC.

  2. Julie McLeod Says:

    These are beautiful! Love the second one especially…

  3. Lee Gro Says:

    beautiful… hope you are enjoying your weekend

  4. Andy Says:

    Love the soft focus of the second photograph.

  5. you take the most beautiful photos of flowers. And I am sending you all of my good vibes, thoughts and prayers. xoxoxo

  6. oscarstavern Says:

    No more Colonial parkpictures!

    This reminds me of them!

  7. Odd that “mellow yellow” is a phrase. Yellow is so vibrant to me…anything but mellow. It is my favorite color and makes me feel good just to look at it. Your flowers are too pretty Jen. I know this is the ultimate in tough weeks for you. I am thinking of you Jen.

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