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Coming Soon: The “G” Family! June 1, 2009

I must say that this is one of the best families around…and I’m not just saying that because Lee has been one of my greatest friends since High School.  🙂 Lee and his brother Scott decided to purchase a portrait session with me as an anniversary gift to their parents.  I was so excited to do it!  We met close to sunset at his parent’s house which is in a beautiful community that had a nice lake and gazebo as well as a great lake view from their backyard to work with.  We even included the doggies (you’ll see!).

Lee’s family was so wonderful to work with.  I laughed the entire time we were involved in the shoot (especially at his Dad’s jokes!!) and had a great evening as I joined them for the 2nd evening of their Passover celebration.  I tried Brisket for the first time and had 2nd a helping because it was sooo good!

Thanks to all of you for making me feel like part of the family!!


11 Responses to “Coming Soon: The “G” Family!”

  1. I am in love with this photo!

  2. You’ve always said GREAT things about your friend Lee. I am so happy to know that his family makes you feel like part of their family. There can be NOTHING better thank that! Life is all about great friends and family!

    Great shot Jen…they look relaxed and happy. What more can one want or need?

  3. Julie McLeod Says:

    They are a beautiful family and the portrait seems to make their personalities shine! I look forward to seeing more…

  4. Enigma3 Says:

    Nice natural portrait Jen.

  5. leegro Says:

    WOW!!! my mom is going to flip!!! thank you so much, my entire family will cherish this. ain’t jen the best!!!!

  6. Mike Palmer Says:

    Great shot of a great looking family!!

  7. A great shot Jen – really nice image and they look so happy in it.

  8. suehenryphotography Says:

    Not much I can add! I soooo agree — relaxed and nicelooking family; great shot; and “jen’s the best!”

  9. Andy Says:

    Great gift, great result.

  10. ronnie Says:

    You’re fantastic Jen! I love the family photo!!!

  11. jen Says:

    This rocks Jen, I love it!!

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