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8 Ball Corner Pocket June 7, 2009

Just a little fun with the point & shoot camera this weekend at the pool hall in NC.

Thought I’d have some fun editing this photo…converted to a filmy BW with extra added grain.


9 Responses to “8 Ball Corner Pocket”

  1. leegro Says:

    simple… raw… cool. hope u had a wonderful weekend.

  2. suehenryphotography Says:

    I would imagine you could create “magic” with a disposable camera!

  3. Mike Palmer Says:

    cool – you can always work the perspective!!

  4. effiemay Says:

    nice shot…b+w is perfect for this!

  5. looks like a fun time…love how HUGE the ball seems!

  6. Julie McLeod Says:

    Chris looks like he knows his way around a pool table!

  7. Thanks for your comments. Now I know to bring my D90 next time to get some really fun shots like this!

  8. Great shot. The B&W does work a treat. Just proves its about the photographers talent rather than the gear 😉

  9. jeriamrine Says:

    Great angle!! How fun!

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