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You Get Better Every Year!! Grandpa’s 85th Birthday Celebration June 10, 2009

Tonight was a surprise birthday party for my Grandpa.  He’s the cutest guy that I know.

He was so surprised that we were all there at his nursing home for his 85th birthday and was so thrilled that everyone could be there.

I made him a cute card for his birthday that had an old photo I found of him of him from his birthday in 1967.  He loved it!

He tried to convince us not to light all of the candles but of course we did anyway!

After he blew out the candles he changed the candles to read “58” when no one was looking! LOL!

I got to capture some great family moments…

Jim & Grandpa


My sister took this one of Grandpa & I.  I love it!

And I love this shot of all of “Grandpa’s girls”
(In a circle: Mom, Aunt Denise, my sister Darlene, me & Grandpa):

Aunt Denise, My cousin RJ & Grandpa:

My sister Darlene, my Brother In Law Jim, and Grandpa:

My brother in law, Jim’s Dad was there (Ray) with Jim’s Grandmother (who also lives at the same nursing home as Grandpa) joined us for the party:

We had a cute little visitor at the party.  My Aunt’s friend took the ride with her and brought her adorable, smiley son.  He was too cute!  He loved the camera and smiled every time I pointed it at him!!  With all that smiling I couldn’t help but take tons of photos of him!

My mom’s friends came by to surprise Grandpa as well and they were so sweet bringing him a gift including yummy chocolates!

3 Beautiful ladies!

I brought and old photo album that I found at my Dad’s house from approximately 1967 so share with him and everyone at the party and everyone was getting a kick out of seeing the 1960’s photos of him, my grandmother, my mom and Aunt!

Below:  My Aunt Denise, Grandpa, and my Mom!  Love mom’s matching coordinates!

He makes me laugh.  I’ll just say he’s a piece of work.  The kicker was this face he made when I wanted to take his photo again because he wasn’t smiling in the last one.  I laughed my head off because it was so unlike him!  🙂



13 Responses to “You Get Better Every Year!! Grandpa’s 85th Birthday Celebration”

  1. Jo Says:

    So fabulous!! What a special night:)

  2. George Says:

    Jen what a wonderful series of treasures and trubute to your Grandpa … are you sure I didn’t date your mom in 1960’s – I went out with a girl with a frock just like that *LOL* – magical series – love it

  3. leegro Says:

    beautiful family moments.

  4. effiemay Says:

    oops…I clicked the wrong reply button. lol!

  5. looks like one great time!

  6. Mom Says:

    OH What a night! Thank you for the memories Jen I will treasure these pictures of Grampa’s party.

    George: I think it was me 😉 LOL

  7. Mike Palmer Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!! Thanks for sharing this moment!!

  8. Enigma3 Says:

    I like how you mixed in the old images with the new.

  9. Enigma3 Says:


    I like how you mixed in the old images with the new ones.

  10. Julie Says:

    He looks like a really special guy. I really like the one where he is giving your mom a kiss and the last one is just priceless! Wonderful memories of a big birthday…

  11. Great series Jen. Happy birthday to your grandad. He looks like he really enjoyed his surprise.

  12. suehenryphotography Says:

    Thank you for sharing these fun pics of a great family time. You are so great at capturing and recording these special times. Great series.

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