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Thank You June 21, 2009

First, I just wanted to thank Chris for a great vacation week.  Although it wasn’t Mexico like it was supposed to be, thanks to the swine, it was still a fun-filled week.  We did so much together and I enjoyed every second of it.  From going out dancing, to relaxing at the beach in Point Pleasant, touring around Atlantic City, to a great lunch & riding the train in New Hope, we were on the move with the T-Tops off my Dad’s Firebird.  It was a perfect vacation!

I really am so thankful for all of the help dismantling my home in order to prepare for my big move.  I appreciate the help more than I can ever express in words.  🙂

And now for some photos!  I took these a while back and finally had the chance to post them.  I love the first one taken with natural light through a large window in my home.  I love his eyes and his smile in this photo.  So warm. 🙂

The next 8 were taken in my backyard in April.  Before he deploys I wanted to have some nice photos of him and some of us.  He was such a great model – never complained once!  🙂  This one looks like it’s straight out of an American Eagle advertisement, if I do say so myself!  🙂

See…I got a smile!

I couldn’t resist setting up the tripod for a few of the two us!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!

Okay, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one too!

Lots of big smiles all around here!

The next one was taken with all natural light coming through a window in Chris’ home.  I love natural light and would like to do more portraits this way.

I love the serious look of this one.

These were taken in Chris’ front yard the last time I was in NC.  We finally had a break in the rainy weekend and I was itching to get some photos in that day so Chris was a willing model, again!  🙂  Love this smile!

The highlights are a little blown here and I’m thinking it was the 50mm.  It seems to let so much light in that sometimes it seems I can’t avoid this happening on a sunny day.  I love this photo of my two special guys!


7 Responses to “Thank You”

  1. Chris Says:


    I really love the B&W photo. We look really good together! You are an amazing photographer. Even though I really don’t think I’m a very photogenic person, you made these photos look really amazing!

  2. effiemay Says:

    Chris…I think you’re very ‘photogenic’. No one ever likes photos of themselves very often…lol! Awesome shots Jen 🙂

    Sorry that your full week together has come to an end, but it sounds like you guys certainly made the best of the time you had

  3. jeriamrine Says:

    Very nice photos of both of you!! And the pup, too. 😉 It inspires me to get more honest-to-goodness “love” photos for my own photo album.

  4. suehenryphotography Says:

    I keep going back to the first one of the two of you together and the serious one of Chris with natural light at his place. Very, very nice.

    I’m glad Chris has come into your life……….

  5. Julie Says:

    My fav is definitely the second to last one. A guy with a smile like his has got to be good for your soul!

  6. Great shots Jen and it looks like you two are perfect in front of the camera too!

  7. These are great shots of Chris Jen. You two are both lucky to have found each other and ways to make the miles in between you work out! I love the photos of you two together and the ones of Chris by the tree. Great work! I’m glad to hear on here that you were out having fun and taking a much needed vacation. 🙂

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