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A Great Family + A Great Location = An Amazing Result | New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer July 6, 2009

What do you get when you mix a fantastic family, an awesome location, and a beautiful day?

You get a most perfect mix of ingredients to create an amazing set of portraits!

I couldn’t have asked for more than my two favorite things:  Family portrait shoots and an amazing location like Princeton University to take the photos.

With it’s amazing architecture, rich with history, Princeton University made for a perfect unique backdrop for family portraits on this lovely May day!

Thank you to the “S. Family” so being so flexible to trying different poses and being so pleasant to work with!  We loved working with you!


14 Responses to “A Great Family + A Great Location = An Amazing Result | New Jersey Family Portrait Photographer”

  1. These are great! What a gorgeous family. Such a beautiful place for a shoot. It’s so fun watching you do so much of what you love lately!!!

  2. Mel Bona Says:

    Jen, AMAZING job again. What a good looking family and dramatic backdrop. You must have had fun!

  3. George Says:

    Jen – great job on these and what a great location

  4. I love the creative poses, the processing technique, everything. Great job!

  5. Jen, You found some perfect scenes for shooting the family, great poses too. The boys look so relaxed and happy to be there – that’s a credit to your skill as a photographer. Looks like you put a lot of work into scouting too. I went to shoot there for the book and missed some areas you found.

  6. Julie Says:

    You picked a great locale for shooting this lovely family. My favorite it the one with the sun flare (I kind of like the addition of the passersby).

  7. Wow – all of them are great but the sunburst one is incredible. Love it.

  8. lovin the fam shot with the sun and all the sculpture ones!!

  9. Andy Says:

    Excellent use of location.

  10. Enigma3 Says:


    That is an awsome location to shoot and it seems like you know this campus like your back pocket. If I come up there in the fall will you give me the photo tour? I was so impressed with the fall shots you’ve taken there. Nice family – I’m sure they are loving these and had a fun time doing it.

  11. you are so darn talented!

  12. Mike Palmer Says:

    Great job R2!! You really need to be getting FT with this, you have the talent, eye, technical ability, PP and the market for it.

  13. Jo Says:

    sun flares rule!

  14. Jeri Says:

    Fabulous location! I love the composition and processing on this series.

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